3 Unconventional Local Distribution Partners for B&Bs


3 Unconventional Local Distribution Partners for B&Bs


As a bed and breakfast owner-operator, who you partner with to distribute your rooms is of the utmost importance. For the most part, the internet is where it’s at – but the value of offline, local distribution partners simply can’t be ignored.


We’ve already mentioned how valuable local hospitality businesses are for your distribution strategy, but tour and activity operators and restaurants are obvious picks! You can also use local gatherings as a way to attract more group bookings.

Here are those not-so-obvious local businesses that you should definitely be partnering with as a way of boosting occupancy.


  1. Funeral homes

It’s morose, but funerals regularly attract domestic and international travellers to your local community. And when there’s a death in the family, the last thing that family members want to stress about is where to stay.

Partner with your funeral home to offer services to arrange for accommodation for any funerals that take place as a service that they can up sell to their customers. You can offer a discount to show you are sorry for their loss.


  1. Wedding planners

On the other side of the spectrum, weddings are another way to get more group bookings at your property. Even if the wedding isn’t hosted at your bed and breakfast (a popular choice of venue in this day and age), if your property is nearby, it can be a great place to stay!

Partner with local wedding planners to mention your property should their customers enquire about nearby accommodation for their guests. Usually, they choose an expensive venue that not all of their guests can afford. A small property like yours would be the perfect alternative.

Why not create a special ‘wedding package’ for friends and family, with a 10% discount? Ask guests to present you with their wedding invitation for this to apply.


  1. Universities

Universities are great partners because many students are from other towns, states, and even countries! Parents will periodically visit to check up on their children, especially for big events like graduation ceremonies.

Why not create a special ‘university package’ for friends and family, with a 10% discount? Ask students to present you with their student card to get this discount.

Universities may not partner with you officially, but they may allow you to advertise on their bulletin boards, or on their website.

There you have it – three not-so-likely local businesses that you can partner with to increase your revenue. For each business, you need to strike a deal and offer them at least 10% commission to make it interesting for them.

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