5 Types of Holiday Properties


What’s the difference between bnbs, hotels, guest houses, inns and holiday lets?

B&B (Bed and Breakfast)

  • A B&B is a relatively small lodging establishment
  • Offers overnight accommodation and breakfast
  • It’s often a private home, with between 4 and 11 rooms, 6 being the average
  • Guests pay for the room and their breakfast for the following morning


  • A hotel is an establishment that provides accommodation, meals, and a variety of other services for their guests
  • Other services could include shops, a gym, a pool, spa and more
  • Hotels vary in size but are larger than bed and breakfasts
  • Often have meeting/conference rooms for hire, restaurants and entertainment services

Guest House

  • A guest house is a private house that offers accommodation to paying guests
  • The owner usually lives in a completely separate area within the property
  • It could be an ‘annex’ or another smaller house on the grounds of the owner’s private home


  • An inn is a pub that provides food, drink and accommodation
  • There is usually a licensed bar, a restaurant
  • Rooms available for guests tend to be above the pub

Holiday Let/Rental

  • Holiday lets and holiday rentals are privately rented properties
  • The owners live off site and you have the whole property to yourself for the duration of your stay
  • These properties are mainly self-catered

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