Avanti Gas Interview – Solution for B&B Owners

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Avanti Gas Interview – Solution for B&B Owners


Tell us a bit about Avanti Gas? 


AvantiGas is a major supplier of LPG and tailored energy solutions in the UK. We are part of an international organisation called UGI Corporation which is renowned for excellence in the production of fuels as well as global distribution. We have a network of 15 distribution centres around the country and two inland gas terminals. We offer a wide range of in-house expertise, including analysts, designers and engineers. We’re specialists in helping businesses find the best heat and fuel solutions for their needs.  We’re also home to AvantiRenewables, specialists in renewable energy and biomass installations, providing businesses with flexible, tailored, green fuel choices.

How can your business improve that of a Luxury Guest House/B & B and what industry experience do you have? 


Within the hospitality sector, energy costs may only be a small percentage of turnover, but reducing them can directly increase revenue without the need to increase sales. Money saved on energy goes straight to the bottom line which makes businesses more competitive – and with rising energy prices, this is more important than ever. For those thousands of Bed and Breakfasts, Pubs and Restaurants who are off the gas grid, reviewing your total heating costs can lead to significant savings in both costs and carbon emissions. 


We’re offering all off-grid businesses a free no-commitment heat consultation which will help you understand how to reduce your fuel bills and become more efficient. On top of that we’ve launched our Sustainable Heating Fund, part of an initiative that’ll fully fund new heating systems. If your are eligible for funding, then you can benefit from; an LPG or biomass heat solution from one of the UK’s leading suppliers, sustainable, clean fuel that can lower your heating bills, no upfront capital and no maintenance costs to worry about and a new, efficient and complete heating system that’s tailored to your businesses needs.


We know that according to the Carbon Trust, heating can account for 60% of your total energy costs, and up to 40% of the energy used in a building. Also in a separate study, one in five customers would be more likely to stay in, or recommend a B&B if it uses renewable or low carbon energy sources. 

How do you feel  AvantiGas separates itself from your competitors?


We have an extremely knowledgeable workforce who have a high level of understanding in every aspect of the industry, both past and present. Our time in the industry also means that we have grown in the sector and the products it offers, giving us the base for future development and innovation. Our engineers are highly qualified and offer great expertise and technical knowledge. They put installations in place to the highest standard, ensure LPG tanks are well maintained and advise customers of any issues or answer any technical queries they may have at any point. Our drivers have vast knowledge of the dedicated areas they operate in which ensures fast, efficient deliveries are made to every customer. They are very accommodating of customers needs and requests, taking the time to get to know our customers and are always happy to help. They also provide a free visual site check on every delivery. We are proud of the security of supply we provide to customers. We own 2 in-land gas terminals and supply customers from several depot locations throughout the country which provides excellent infrastructure to ensure supply demands are maintained. We now also have our own dedication biomass fuel supply. Above all we are here when our customers need us.


What does the future hold for Avanti Gas? 


We’re committed to creating a more sustainable energy future for the UK and helping businesses like yours meet your environmental obligations and corporate responsibility goals. We can work with you to develop a strategy to meet your objectives, based on carbon reduction targets and using energy more efficiently, to lower consumption and reduce waste. To broaden our energy supply capabilities AvantiRenewables was launched in 2014. Drawing on global expertise, we pride ourselves on delivering professional operations using experienced technical and logistics expertise with high safety standards coupled with the latest technology from the biggest names in the industry. AvantiGas will continue to provide high quality service with a view to lowering carbon emissions throughout the UK. It is very important to us that we educate our customers on how to save money by being more efficient so we will continue to provide our free heat consultation with a view to forging long standing relationships with our customers through excellent service, the highest standards of engineering and of course, competitive prices. 


To switch from your current LPG supplier, convert from oil to LPG or install a Biomass system, please call 0808 208 0000, visit avanitgas.com/hotels or email enquiries@avantigas.com 


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