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B&B Funny Stories 


I’m one for noticing things, dust on the TV, a rug skew-wiff, dirty windows etc. My husband says that I am too meticulous with the finer details, but it’s how I have always been. Then one Summers morning I couldn’t help but see a guest who had been asleep in the garden come in with rather a large amount of what appeared to be sun cream on his head, on seeing him I immediately pointed it out to. As he rubbed in what appeared to be sun cream, it was clear from his astonishment that the sun cream was in fact bird poo – I now keep things to myself

Lorna from Southend on Sea


We own a working Farm and have a barn conversion that is ran as a B & B, we have numerous pets from sheep, to pigs, dogs and a number of goldfish in our pond. One morning I was out feeding the fish when I spotted one upside down and was for all intent and purposes dead !! I got the net from indoors and removed the fish, as I did this one of our Guests curious to what was going on came over just as the phone rang indoors. He kindly took the net from me and placed it on the ground while I took the call. Seconds later to my astonishment and certainly my guest’s a seagull swooped and carried the goldfish away, I can only hope that the poor fish had snuffed it !!


Rose from Lincoln


High winds and rain are the norm for us in Scotland, certainly during November, we welcome guests at all times of the year, and our latest guests had travelled from Newcastle to stay with us. The winds on the day of their arrival reached 70 miles an hour and as they pulled into the drive my partner noticed they had a very new racing green Bentley. My husband is into his cars, I wouldn’t know a Metro from a Fiat, as he spoke with the owner of the car I advised that due to the weather he would be best to park away from the trees that line our drive. That night we had a torrential storm and we were awoken to a number of tiles broken from our roof, unfortunately for the owner of the Bentley one had gone through his front window.


Elaine from Aberdeen


 We had a group of couples come to stay at the North Crest one weekend several years ago.  A lovely group of people who were in Blackpool for a short break to see the sights and enjoy some of the nightlife.  After a busy Saturday night enjoying the best that Blackpool has to offer in entertainment and a few drinks along the way, they’d had a great night and were a little worse for wear when they returned to their rooms…albeit as quiet as a mouse.  The next morning at breakfast there was a lot of chatter in the dining room and plenty of laughter.  It turned out that one of the ladies had got up from bed to pay a visit to the en-suite, and had inadvertently opened the door to the room instead and found herself stark naked in the landing!  After knocking on the bedroom door in an attempt to wake her husband up to let her back in – he was a deep sleeper – she knocked on her friends’ room door and ended up sleeping on their floor wrapped in a spare duvet in their room.  Needless to say they’ve not returned to us since that fateful night.  Sue, Blackpool


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