Bedding colours to encourage a great nights sleep at your BnB

Bedding colours to encourage sleep

Bedding colours to encourage a great nights sleep at your BnB

By Nic Shacklock at Online Bedrooms

Brits struggling to sleep are being encouraged to opt for bedding colours that are known to promote a better night’s kip.

The fitted furniture experts at have researched bedding colours known to keep people awake as well as looking at what colours encourage a better sleep.

Overall the best colours are ones known to promote relaxation and calmness.

Cool toned colours like blues and greens are the most calming and provide tranquillity and peace making them great options for bedding.

Nic Shacklock from Online-Bedrooms said: “Nowadays a lot of people opt for white, beige and neutral toned bedding which isn’t a bad thing. These colours are actually known for promoting comfort which of course is helpful when it comes to bedtime.

“Even colours like blue and green are good because they promote calmness.

“Brighter colours like red and purple are not the best because it increases alertness, this is definitely something to consider when it comes to children’s bedrooms.”

Bedding colours for a good night’s sleep…


Blue is a very calming colour and when we envision something scenic and relaxing, blue is often present – think blue skies and blue sea.

Some even argue that blue is the most calming colour of them all, making it a great bedding option, navy blue in particular.


Green is another colour linked heavily to nature, so it’s no surprise that this is also considered a great colour option for bedding. You’ve probably heard people say that being around nature reduces stress and anxiety levels and that’s due to the greenery outdoors. The colour green invites a sense of peacefulness, perfect for drifting off to sleep.


More and more people nowadays are opting for white bedding because it looks chic, clean and it’s aesthetically pleasing. Because white is a neutral colour it creates minimal distractions so it allows you to relax and doesn’t stimulate the brain. However, the experts at Online Bedrooms do warn against over using white as too much of it can make a room feel cold and uninviting – not a great environment for sleeping.


Similar to white, the neutral tone of beige bedding limits distractions and provides a sense of warmth. This creates a great atmosphere for falling asleep.

Bedding colours to avoid…


One of the worst colours to have in your room is red as it stimulates the brain, promoting alertness and giving the sense of danger.


Similar to red, purple is a very powerful colour and encourages creativity. It’s suggested that if you do want to incorporate purple into your room or your child’s room then you should opt for a lavender shade instead.


Orange promotes high energy meaning it could make you feel more energised, ruining your chances of falling asleep peacefully.


Yellow has become a popular colour for home decor in recent years, and while it looks great, you’re best keeping this out of the bedroom. Yellow is known for being overwhelming and distracting when used in the bedroom.

For more tips on how to turn your bedroom into a sleep haven head to Online-Bedrooms’ blog:

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