Blogging for your small business

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Blogging for your small business

If you run a small business, chances are you are wondering if blogging is worth the time and effort. The short answer is a resounding YES! Blogging on a frequent basis is a relatively easy, inexpensive way to enhance your inbound marketing efforts, drive traffic to your site, and attract more perspective customers. Stuck for ideas? Our resident internet guru Steve Hooper shares some top tips on how to write quality content for your blog.


When we are promoting a website, one of the hardest things to get someone to do is to create content on their blog. Many find it difficult to know what to write about and how to write it, as you can probably tell from my ramblings I normally don’t have any issue in creating content, there are some keys to making it work for those reading it though. What we are going to try to do in this month’s article is to take you through some ideas for blog posts that will keep people engaged on your website.


The top tip is to make your content useful to the person that is reading it, or watching it if you are brave enough to use video. You can have list posts; these can contain a list of books that you can get on your local area. How to posts are another great way to show people useful information “How to make our special breakfast eggs!” then a video of how to do it with a description and bingo you have a useful article that will add content to your blog.


Answering peoples frequently asked questions in a post is helpful information and always gives people something to relate to. Checklists are also a good source of content and information. If you are a bed and breakfast then a checklist on “What to bring with you to…” to prepare people for the environment, you can add the season to that and you have different posts for different seasons and you then have 4 different posts based on the season.


Write the odd post that is entertaining, for example if you have a local event where something funny has happened then you could write what we call a story post that is entertaining. I hear many of you starting to think “I can’t write that!” well if you can tell it to your mates in the pub you can write it down in the same way and it will be just as entertaining.


Parody posts are also entertaining for people, imagine “A day in the life of an innkeeper!” then all the things you get asked and all the things that you do daily that could be deemed as funny when exaggerated, write them down in the exaggerated form! Suddenly you have a funny post.


Rant posts are always a good source of content, that thing that has you a little riled up can give you some good content. Everyone has their own opinion and when it comes to a good rant things can get quite conversational, in our house for me it is cyclists and the fact I think they should be licensed, and my wife gets outraged at the TV license. Both get to the point of being entertaining when we get started on why we think our view is the right one.


Don’t be afraid of the Promotional Post! If you don’t rant about your achievements and your triumphs then no one will know about them, a little bit of self-promotion goes a very long way.


These are just a few of the post ideas that we give out to clients on a regular basis, to help them get their website noticed more in the search engines. It helps if the posts are relative to your business but at the same time if they are about local events that is also relative. 


The main point is the more content you are posting on your website the more you will get back and the more people will find you. So why are you still reading haven’t you got a post to do about the year ahead and what events are happening?


Steve Hooper is founder of Sitegeek –

  1. t) 0330 043 0195


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