Breakfasts Your Guests Will Love


Breakfasts Your Guests Will Love

If there’s one thing and one thing alone which will have your guests singing your praises and rushing back to book another stay, then it’s the breakfast you serve to them. Whether your guests are going walking or just planning on some serious relaxation, then they’ll need to start their day as they mean to go on – a good quality breakfast is the perfect start to any day, no matter what your plans are.

Mouth-watering menus

In this day and age, guests absolutely love a variety of options when it comes to breakfast time. Whilst the staples of orange juice, cereals, fruit and a good old fashioned full English breakfast still remain, stocking a variety of alternatives will put you on the right path to success.

Give your treasured guests the option of other fruit juices in addition to a classic glass of OJ, and don’t be afraid to go continental either. Croissants, pain au chocolat and other tasty pastries will also go down a treat, especially with younger children.

Also worth considering are à la carte options. Guests’ eyes will light up at the prospect of being able to order the likes of eggs benedict and kippers. If they’re staying for a few days, they might want to mix it up a little, with a traditional English breakfast one day and then an omelette the next!

Bespoke breakfasts

This theme of choice can be extended beyond the menu itself – how do the guests take their eggs for example – poached, scrambled or fried? They’ll be high-fiving amongst themselves as it’s clear you’ve gone the extra mile to give them the choice.

Some folks like to have maximum privacy, and might want to even have breakfast in bed. Should you decide to offer this, you won’t lose out on any guests wanting to have a little extra privacy, and the majority of guests will happily pay a little extra to enjoy this extra slice of luxury.

But no matter where your guests would like to eat, or indeed what they would like to eat, the ingredients you use are of paramount importance. You might be able to save money by stocking your fridge with your local supermarket’s basic range, but your guests will be savvy enough to realise this.

You might think – and you’d be right – that treating your guests to more luxury items will put more of a dent into your budget. But, hey, quality ingredients will get your guests singing your praises, both online and to their friends. Glowing Trip Advisor reviews and word of mouth recommendations will prove to be more lucrative for you in the long run, and it’s often the little things that make a big difference.

Dressing the room

Whether you’re into Feng Shui or not, it’s important to give some thought to the layout of your room. Your breakfast room should be inviting, with tables to accommodate parties both large and small. A jug of iced water placed on the table is always a hit with visitors, especially if they are feeling a little worse for wear after a heavy night!

A good selection of the latest newspapers and magazines will also be appreciated. Although guests here are on holiday, many still want to know what’s going on in the world.


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