Care for your fridge and freezer

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Care for your fridge and freezer


Like anything, the more you care for your fridge freezer, the longer it will last and the better it’ll perform. We’ve rounded up everything you need to know, from keeping things spotless, saving energy and making your food last longer. Just a few simple tips and tricks to make your food and money go further! 


How do I defrost my freezer?

Simply pop your freezer door open, place a shallow dish underneath the drain spout and have plenty of towels at the ready to protect your floor. If you want to speed the process along the safe way, bowls of hot water placed inside will help melt the ice. And finally, have a little patience and wait it out. So put your knives, hairdryers and other tools away, as defrosting doesn’t have to be difficult!


How should I fill my fridge?

There needs to be breathing space in your fridge for it to function properly and keep your food in the best condition. So, it’s best if you don’t cram too much food inside, as cold air needs to circulate easily over every shelf. This way your food stays at the best, cool temperature, and you can see everything. Plus, you save energy as it won’t be overworking to cool too much food. 


How should I organise food in my fridge?

Food that doesn’t need cooking like leftovers, drinks and herbs, are best on the upper shelves as there’s a more consistent temperature. Whereas lower shelves are best for dairy products, raw meat and fish as the temperature’s a lot colder. You probably already put your mayo, juice and olives in the fridge door without thinking. But this is because it’s the warmest area, which products with natural preservatives can handle! Organising your food this way keeps things fresher and packed with flavour for longer. 


How should I fill my freezer?

It might come as a surprise to know that the more food in your freezer, the better it will work. So if you like to stock up on those supermarket deals, your food will stay fresh and frozen. But if you’ve got some space knocking about, then filling it with half full bottles of water will take up space and double up as ice too. And, you’ll save energy as money as it won’t work too hard to cool large, warm spaces. 


How should I clean my fridge freezer?

In an ideal world, you should try and clean your fridge once a week to keep your food fresh, hygienic and tasting delicious. But any spills or leaks should be wiped up straight away to avoid odours and sticky situations. Equal amounts of warm water and white vinegar work well together, and a bit of bicarbonate of soda thrown in will do the trick for stains. However a few sprays of sanitising spray will ensure your fridge is hygienic and a scratch-free microfibre cloth keep things protected. 

How do I keep my food as fresh as possible?

To keep things smelling fresh, pop a deodoriser in your fridge that absorbs bad odours, and your fridge will be free of them for up to 3 months. Or, a piece of lemon will do the trick too! So you can stock up on your mature cheeses, garlic sauces and fresh fish, without them bringing unwanted odours. There are also special mats for your fruit and veg to sit on that create better air circulation, keeping things fresher. 


What energy saving settings can I use?

The holiday setting is great if you’re away for a weekend or a few weeks. It works by using less power in the fridge to save energy, while still keeping your food beautifully fresh and cool. But the freezer keeps running, meaning you won’t come home to melted ice-cream and defrosted ready meals. So, you can go green and save pennies along the way. 


What else can I do to save energy?

Defrosting your freezer may seem like a hefty task, but it will actually save energy and money. The more frost, the more work your freezer’s motor has to do, meaning more energy is used. You can also help the environment and save pennies by dusting your fridge freezer’s coils regularly. When dust gathers and settles on the coils, your fridge freezer has to work extra-hard, using more energy. They can be difficult to get to as they’re placed at the back, but you’ll save yourself money and energy in the long run. Just simply pull your model away from the wall and get dusting. 


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