highland lassie cruises floating b&b
August 2021

What do you need for a boat B&B?

Looking at setting up a Bed & Breakfast that’s a little different? Take some inspiration from a well-known floating B&B close to Inverness – with Highland Lassie If you want to set up a more […]

bed and breakfast academy toilet paper origami
August 2021

Toilet paper origami

I’m staying on the toilet theme this week. I appreciate it’s not considered polite conversation but, like it or not, toilets do feature quite heavily in a B&B owner’s life. On a holiday to the […]

bed and breakfast academy plumbing
August 2021

Marry a plumber

My imaginary book – which I’m never going to write by the way – has the subtitle “Want to run a B&B? Marry a plumber!” Disclaimer: I’m not married to a plumber! – single plumbers […]

customised wall maps
August 2021

Product News: Love Maps On

Create the Wow Factor with a stunning wall map of your area. Present day and Vintage Ordnance Survey Maps of any area on made-to-measure wallpapers, canvases, ceramic tiles, glass splash-backs and much more. Allow your […]