Choosing The Right Toiletries For Your Business

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How to choose the right toiletries for your luxury bed and breakfast

By Holly Alderson, Out of Eden


Believe it or not, toiletries have a huge part to play when it comes to your guests’ overall impression of your business.

Not only are they a treat for your guests and a great way to add an element of luxury, complimentary toiletries can also be utilised to reflect your business values and brand. Whether opting for refillable dispensers and bottles, choosing toiletries with Fairtrade certified ingredients, or offering premium travel-size toiletries to impress your guests, making sure you choose the right products for you and your business is essential. So, with this in mind, where do you start? 


When providing your guests with premium toiletry collections, you needn’t feel limited to just travel-size, single use size bottles. Instead, dispensers and larger toiletries are a great, cost-effective way of offering toiletries while still maintaining that feeling of luxury. The latest addition to the Out of Eden range features our 480ml Orangewood & Neroli collection displayed in classically-styled, minimal bottles. Coordinating with the 3 litre refills, you can refill and reuse the bottle as many times as you wish, rather than constantly replenishing, and wasting, toiletries in your guest bathrooms. 



Another way to choose the right toiletries for you and your business is to opt for a range that fits your interior and colour scheme. For instance, in a vibrant guest house, our Be Different collection might be best suited, packaged in brightly coloured bottles with positive messages incorporated into the brand. For a more muted and minimal interior, the smart and sophisticated Cole & Lewis White Collection might be more appropriate. The collection contains organic herbal extracts and floral fragrances while the packaging is bound to please any guest.



As well as being a thoughtful extra touch for your guests, toiletries can also allow you to instil your business values, by putting careful thought into the range that you provide. Fair CosmEthics, for example, is one of the only travel-size toiletry collections on the market that contains Fairtrade certified ingredients such as organic sugar cane and brazil nut oil. Free from parabens, and rich in ethically sourced, nourishing natural ingredients, the collection is a perfect choice for your eco-minded guests. 


The ‘P’ word has become a staple buzzword amongst our customers and their guests, though the issue of plastic in toiletries continues to be a difficult one to resolve. If you wish to eliminate plastics from your business as much as possible, dispensers are a great alternative to offering toiletries packaged in plastic bottles. Relatively low maintenance given that they need refilling less frequently than travel-size toiletries need replenishing, dispensers have the added benefit of being secured as a fixture to your bathroom walls, reducing the need to constantly purchase toiletries. Bulk sizes of our liquid toiletries are also available to allow for effortless refilling. 




Exclusive to Out of Eden, Cole & Lewis toiletries are the ultimate in premium toiletries, and if you’re looking to provide something different, the Cole & Lewis collection is your answer. A popular choice amongst hoteliers and high-end accommodation, the Cole & Lewis ranges, including Lemongrass & Bergamot and Wild Fig and Iris, are proudly made in the UK, with a superior formula enriched with natural ingredients and botanical extracts, while remaining free from parabens and SLES. The 300ml ranges are presented in classic bottles with stylishly embossed silver collars for a timeless look.


At Out of Eden we offer a wide range of toiletries in different shapes, styles and sizes, carefully selected to ensure there is a collection to suit everyone. In addition, we provide bulk refills, toiletry welcome packs and hard soaps – made on site in our soap factory – to accompany the ranges.

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