Choosing The Right Lighting For Your Guest House

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Choosing The Right Lighting For Your Guest House 

When it comes to decorating your B&B or guesthouse, choosing the correct lighting for your space is essential. Selecting beautiful pieces of furniture and pairing them with gorgeous accessories is key when styling your accommodation but the right lighting will add an important finishing touch that will really impress your guests.  

The perfect lighting will complement your room. A good guestroom should make visitors feel relaxed and provide a sense of luxury to all those that stay.

David Tetlow, Ecommerce Manager at Lightbulbs Direct, gives his advice on what guesthouse owners should take into consideration when choosing the right lighting for their accommodation. 

A home from home 

Whether your guests are visiting for the week or just one night, your accommodation is their home for the duration of their stay. The perfect guestroom should offer a sanctuary for visitors to relax in comfort and style. 

Choose lighting that will suit all of your guest’s needs, whether they’re unwinding after a busy day or getting ready for an evening out. A dimmable bulb is a great option, as it will allow guests to adjust themselves when necessary. 


Opt for timeless designs 

Some trends come and go along with the seasons while others are set to stay. Go for timeless designs that will look beautifully elegant no matter how you change the room’s décor. 

Glass pendant lights are a great option as they will add style and a sense of luxury to your room while also being versatile. They give out lots of light too so are great for brightening up a room.


Buy cheap, buy twice! 

You’ll want to save money when styling your B&B or guesthouse and, while there are some perfectly good affordable lighting options available, try not to cut costs too much as cheap lighting can work out much more expensive in the long term as you’ll have to keep replacing them. Paying slightly more for better quality bulbs is always a good investment idea. 


Go for different styles 

A perfectly lit room has light shining from various angles. Consider how your guests will want to use the space; if they’re getting ready to go out they’ll probably need a brighter room however, if they’re relaxing before bed, smaller bedside lamps are a good option. 

You’ll also need to consider the shape and size of your room. For smaller rooms, spreading the light out across the room and using mirrors to bounce the light can help your room to appear more specious. For bigger rooms, consider using larger lamps and lights to help fill the space and always remember to distribute the light evenly. 


Choose lighting to suit your décor 

The lighting in each room should match the individual style of your guesthouse or B&B. The right lighting will add the perfect finishing touch to your guestroom so it’s important to embrace your own unique style. 

If you love the Scandinavian, minimalist style, opt for simple pendent lights and sleek shapes. For industrial styled guest homes, reclaimed metal lighting accessories and vintage bulbs will complete the look.  

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