Cleaning Tips For A Bed And Breakfast

Tips to help B&B owners across the UK speed up the clean-up


Cleaning Tips For A Bed And Breakfast

Household appliance manufacturer Vorwerk shares some top tips to help B&B owners across the UK speed up the clean-up.

Use lemon juice to clean your microwave.

Running a bed and breakfast and serving food to guests every day often means that your microwave bears the brunt when it comes to heating up food. 

To clean it quickly, add lemon juice to a bowl of water, put it in the microwave on full power for five minutes. The moisture created will mean you can then wipe and remove food stains with ease. 

Boil away burnt on food with baking soda.

With a kitchen full of pots and pans constantly being used to cook for your guests, it can be a chore to remove burnt on food stains and keep cooking equipment in the best possible condition.

If you need to revive your pans, start by filling them with water and two cups of vinegar. Next, bring the water to the boil, and remove the pan from the heat. Add in some baking soda, scrub and watch the burnt on food disappear.

Revive ring-marked dining tables with an iron.

Constant use of your wooden tables by guests can often lead to unsightly damage such as ring-marks, leaving furniture looking worn and unsightly.

By covering ring-marks with an old tea towel and then running an iron over the top on the coolest setting, the ring marks will disappear. You may need to repeat this more than once, and should avoid using this technique on antique or expensive furniture.

Remove paint from the carpet

If you’re planning on having a refurbishment, it might be a good idea to keep this tip in mind just in case. 

To remove paint from your carpet mix together one and a half teaspoons of laundry detergent and two cups of water. Sponge away the paint with the mixture and rinse with cold water.

Remove hot drink stains from mugs.

If your tea and coffee sets are starting to look a little worn, or you are struggling to remove stains from hot drinks, this tip will help.

Mix together a cup of water with bicarbonate of soda, and then use a sponge to wipe away the marks.

Clean your computer with a toothbrush.

If you use a desktop computer or laptop to check in guests at reception, dirt, crumbs and dead skin can quickly build up between the keys from daily use.

To clean your keyboard, use an old toothbrush that is ever so slightly damp. The bristles will clean between the keys and quickly remove any dirt particles, bringing your keyboard back to life.

Use beer to remove a coffee stain

If you serve food and drinks at your bed and breakfast, you will probably be used to cleaning spillages from the carpet.

If your guests spill coffee on the carpet, pour beer on the stain and rub it in lightly. Repeat until the stain disappears. 

Store bed linen in a pillow case.

Although not technically a cleaning tip, this trick is great for helping you keep track of all your guests’ linen.

When you have washed and dried a matching bed set, fold it and store it inside one of the pillowcases. This way, the sets are ready at your fingertips, saving you time and effort on room turnarounds.



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