Cleverest, cleanest vacuum ever produced?

Vorwerk Kobold VK200 MR440

Is this the cleverest, cleanest vacuum ever produced?

– Ultimate homecare system helps cut down massively on cleaning time –


The German company behind cult kitchen cooker/blender the Thermomix is also famous for its Ultimate Homecare System; the Kobold VK200 upright vacuum cleaner.  


The multi-functional, hi-tech machine is designed to carry out a range of time-saving cleaning tasks using a variety of interchangeable attachments that can be fitted at the flick of a wrist to deep clean a variety of surface types.


Vorwerk, which has celebrity fans including TV property expert Sarah Beeny and consumer journalist Alice Beer, has aimed the vacuum at those who love combining the latest technology with a device that actually does what it says on the tin.


Maintenance-free motor and ‘A’ rated energy label


Vorwerk’s expert engineers have designed the VK200 using a maintenance-free reluctance motor that boasts high levels of suction at the size of a small can, and the systems has been awarded with an ‘A’ rating for no less than four aspects of the EU energy label.


Innovations like the automatic start/stop feature mean the vacuum also uses less energy by turning itself off automatically when in the park position. Sensors on the impressive EB400 electric brush detect the surface type being cleaned every 16 seconds, automatically adjusting suction power, brush speed and a change in floor type within 0.7 seconds.


Use on everything from hard floors to mattresses


As well as being at home on all kinds of floors, including tiles, wooden floorboards, laminate and carpet, the VK200 has five main interchangeable attachments that snap on and off in a matter of seconds to allow homeowners to tackle dirt and dust around the house – from floors to soft furnishings and mattresses. 


One of the stand out attachments is the SP530 DuoClean head, which uses two suction channels to pick up large dirt particles and wipe away stubborn marks at the same time – a lifesaver when cleaning hard floors from stone, to laminate, to wood.


The SP530 DuoClean’s clever and effortless ability to do both jobs simultaneously saves up to 50 per cent of cleaning time and there’s no need for a mop and bucket taking up space anymore. Its intelligent features are complemented with a machine washable cleaning cloth which achieves a streak-free finish and dries in next to no time so it’s ready to use again.


Novel yet highly practical features include a handy soft furnishing attachment – known as the PB440 Electric Upholstery Brush – that rotates up to 4,000 times a minute to vibrate dust and dirt particles to the fabric’s surface and then suck them away into the VK200’s three in one filter bag that is certified as suitable for allergy sufferers.


The ability to deep clean mattresses and beds


Perhaps most impressive of all is the VK200’s specialist MR440 mattress vacuum attachment, which – when used with the brand’s Lavenia cleaning powder – rapidly vibrates dead skin, dirt particles and dust mite droppings to the mattress surface using hundreds of rubber strips and sucks them out of harm’s way.


Retailing from £749 through to £1,499, the company has affectionately named it the ‘Rolls Royce of vacuum cleaners’ and has spent eight years in product development to ensure it is worth every penny.


Neil Martin from Vorwerk UK says: “Good design is crucial to the Kobold VK200, and it represents our values of high performance, outstanding quality and practicality.


“The way people clean is changing, and as technology becomes more advanced, people need appliances that save time whilst continuing to do a great job. 


“The VK200 design remains modern and highly practical, but doesn’t follow trends as it will stay in use for years to come thanks to its excellent durability and our ‘built to last’ ethos.”


For more information about Vorwerk’s innovative products, or to book a demonstration, visit:


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The ‘tech spec’


Kobold VK200 body – the main component of the upright system uses a series of optional attachments to deliver outstanding cleaning results across a range of surfaces.


Kobold EB400 Automatic Electric Brush – including automatic floor detection which scans the floor 16 times per second to identify the surface and ensure each gets the right treatment. 


Kobold SP530 DuoClean – the hard floor cleaner uses just 100 millilitres of water to pick up debris and then mop up to 20 square metres of hard floor.


Kobold PB440 Electric Upholstery Brush – the classic choice for cleaning upholstery with a highly effective approach that brushes and vacuums at the same time down to the very last fibre.


Kobold MR440 Mattress vacuum – perfect for deep-cleaning mattresses with a cleaning agent and brush which effectively ‘beats’ the mattress and immediately picks up the dirt.


Kobold VF200 Carpet Freshener – a dual-action attachment which automatically sprinkles Kobosan Cleaning Agent and then works it into the carpet brushes the surface clean. 


For more information about the Vorwerk Kobold VK200 vacuum cleaner, go to


For further media information, go to or email or call 01484 599 886


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Purchasing information


The Vorwerk VK200 can be purchased online or via an in-home demonstration booked online here.


The Vorwerk VK200 ranges in price from £749 – £1,499 depending on specification and the number of attachments purchased.


About Vorwerk


Vorwerk & Co. KG was founded in Wuppertal in 1883. During the course of its 130-year history, the company, originally a carpet factory, has grown into a highly diversified, global corporate group. Vorwerk nevertheless remains a family enterprise to this day.


Since 1930, Vorwerk’s core business has been the direct selling of high-quality products. Divisions include Kobold, Thermomix, Twercs, Jafra Cosmetics, Lux, Vorwerk Flooring and akf bank.

Superior products and a special customer approach are something all divisions have in common, and what makes Vorwerk so special.


Vorwerk has more than 12,000 employees worldwide and more than 600,000 sales people, and in 2015 generated a business volume totalling more than 3.4 billion euros with operations in 70 countries.


Vorwerk products have been available in the UK market for the last 30 years.


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