Closing the B&B

Karen Thorne shares the inner workings of her life as a B&B owner

Karen Thorne Bed and Breakfast Academy Closing the B&B

After 17 years, I closed the doors to Hopton House B&B in July.

It wasn’t quite the finale I’d planned – thank you pandemic!

I’ve been asked why I decided to shut up shop and there’s no one main reason. But it seemed once I made the decision, everytime I had a wobble, the universe would throw another reason at me.

Sometimes you just have to trust your intuition!

My main motivation was that I really wanted to focus my attention on my training business.

During the lockdowns, I put my B&B course online and created the B&B marketing membership, helping B&B owners attract more guests directly.

Yet running an online business, whilst also welcoming B&B guests had its complications.

On several occasions, I’d be halfway through giving a live workshop on ZOOM when guests would arrive early.

“Hello, here’s your key, your rooms over there, I’m in a meeting” isn’t quite the warm welcome that earned me so many repeat guests.

Then my cleaner of 10 years resigned and I just couldn’t face training someone new.

And I’ve been watching the amazing B&Bs the B&B Academy students were creating, and realising that Hopton House really needed a revamp and was it really worth the investment?

I’ve loved running a B&B, welcoming back so many wonderful guests year after year. And, oh boy, I do miss my regulars.

But the dormouse in me is rather enjoying her lie-ins and not having to clean her nest quite so often.


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Read the December 2021 issue of Luxury BnB Magazine

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Karen is the owner of Bed and Breakfast Academy. She has run her own successful B&B in Shropshire, England, for 17 years and supporting and guiding aspiring and existing B&B owners through B&B academy for the last 15 years. If your dream is to run your own amazing bed and breakfast... I will support you to create a business you'll love owning, and which guests will love staying at.