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ElectroLux – myPRO Washer Range Review


In the face of ever-increasing energy and water bills, choosing the right laundry equipment is vital for B&B owners across the UK who are looking to cut costs. Here Mick Christian, Regional Training and Demonstration Manager for laundry at Electrolux Professional, explains how its latest myPRO range of washers and dryers delivers quality alongside economy.


By its very nature, the laundry process is very utility-heavy, and the cost of detergents, energy and water can really add up from month to month. In an increasingly competitive market, even relatively modest reductions in running costs can make all the difference when it comes boosting profitability – and we have seen commercial laundry equipment improve dramatically over recent years to help deliver the kind of performance and cost-saving benefits that will make a real difference to businesses. 


However, without the same space and capital afforded by larger hotels, it has historically been very tricky for even successful B&Bs to benefit from these advancements by investing in top-of-the-range laundry equipment. It’s a problem which has led to manufacturers moving towards more compact solutions, and businesses from across the hospitality sector have begun to opt for equipment which can offer the space-saving benefits associated with domestic washers, but with the high efficiency and performance of commercial equivalents. 

Meet myPRO

Electrolux Professional developed its myPRO washer and dryers to bridge this gap perfectly, providing a smart professional range that combines smaller footprint with commercial quality.

When it comes to running a business, efficiencies are often only relevant if they equate to reduced operating costs; importantly for owners, myPRO delivers major energy savings that can have a real impact on the bottom line. Not only does an A+++ energy rating offer significant financial reductions, but the machine has been equipped with a hot water inlet to minimise the energy required to heat water to the desired temperature level. As well as further lowering running costs, this allows myPRO to complete a wash cycle in half the time of domestic machines – a normal 60ºC program takes just 82 minutes (starting with cold water at 15 °C), which can be reduced by a further 12 minutes when the hot water inlet is used.

The savings prompted by the myPRO washer are matched by those delivered at the drying stage. Electrolux Professional’s SpeedCare drum offers outstanding dewatering and lower moisture intensity through its optimal drum design and 1,400 rpm spin. Automatic Moisture Control technology also ensures that the cycle stops as soon as the operator’s desired moisture level is reached – regardless of the load size. This results in lower energy consumption and the prevention of over-drying for longer-lasting, crease-free linen.

It goes without saying that the look and feel of bed linen and towels is all important to guest satisfaction, so any efficiency benefits mist be matched by consistent and high quality results. Where myPRO is concerned, the full range is equipped with a host of easy-to-use, professional programs. Not only does this allow B&B owners confidence in the performance of their equipment, but a professional warranty provides further peace of mind for those who invest.

Given the utility-heavy nature of the professional laundry operations, in the past many end-users with smaller sites were either forced to choose between the unreliable and ultimately expensive nature of domestic machines or large-footprint commercial equipment. Now, however, through the introduction of hybrid machines, anyone in the hospitality sector can take advantage of the technology on offer without compromising on footprint or quality. 


For more information on myPRO, or Electrolux Professional’s other industry-leading laundry solutions, visit www.electrolux.co.uk/professional.  



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Notes to editors

Electrolux Professional offers food service and laundry solutions to a wide variety of customers around the world, from restaurants and hotels to healthcare and other convenience facilities. Our 2,000 service partners in 140 countries ensure that our resource-efficient equipment, leading in innovation and design, improve our customer’s everyday business. In 2013, Electrolux Professional had sales of EUR 640 million, 2,600 employees, 7 factories and over 1,000 dealers. For more information, visit www.electrolux.co.uk/professional


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