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Fresh benchmarks for bed and breakfasts from Miele Professional


Freshly laundered tablecloths, napkins, bedclothes and bath linen are just some of the items a successful bed and breakfast considers as part of creating an excellent stay for their guests. Research from Miele Professional highlights how important clean laundry is to customers, with more than half (55%) of guests worrying about the cleanliness of the hotel room they are staying in. 


Taking on board the individual requirements of the bed and breakfast industry, Miele Professional has developed its new ‘benchmark’ range of washing machines, Performance and Performance Plus. 


Boasting time efficiency, the Performance machines have outstanding wash quality and cycle times from just 52 minutes. The Performance Plus range becomes the new industry leader with an even faster cycle time from just 45 minutes, plus a range of programmes to suit every need. The range also boasts an exclusive Miele feature with its OneFingerTouch system, enhancing the user experience alongside easy-to-use six-button selection controls. 


To help save money on utility bills, all Miele Professional machines are designed to be energy efficient. The machines are also designed and tested to last for up to 30,000 wash cycles, providing a cost-effective product that does not compromise on quality. 


Additionally, because not all bed and breakfasts have the space to accommodate large on-premise laundry machines, Miele Professional developed the Little Giants range. Without compromising on the quality of the clean, the machines provide an option for establishments with limited space, as they can be stacked. 


Due to the large amount of items to be laundered, bed and breakfast owners are increasingly looking for machines which are energy efficient without compromising on quality. The Performance range provides a solution to this, with an improved heating system and the ability to specify load sizes, which means less water, energy and detergent are used. Meanwhile, Performance Plus machines (in the cottons 60°C programme) require up to 20% less water and 30% less energy than the previous generation. 


The new machines continue with the patented Miele ‘honeycomb’ drum, which helps form a protective film of water around items in the machines to provide a perfect laundry process and protect fabric. 


Owners of modern bed and breakfast, Howe Keld, can attest to the efficiency and quality of Miele Professional on-premise laundry machines. Owners Laura and Jerome Bujard said: “We have been really impressed with Miele Professional and they’ve proven time and time again that their machines are reliable and durable. The machines last for years, meaning we could minimise our environmental impact by not needing to replace them each year.”


For more information on Miele Professional’s products, phone 0844 8936907, visit or follow the company on Twitter @MieleProf

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