Funny B&B Owner Stories

Funny B&B Owner Stories


Now the number one rule with washing is to split the whites from the colours, try telling that to my husband, he kindly offered to wash our guest rooms white linen unfortunately adding a few pairs of his socks, where he bought them from I have no idea ,of f a door salesman I reckon, because when I returned home blowing in the wind on our line, were the greyest sheets I have ever seen, a simple apology would have sufficed but no my husband just said lets paint the room grey so we did!


Jeanette from Folkstone


I remember the first year I ran our Guesthouse we purchased a grade 2 listed property in Norfolk with all the original features ,Inglenook fireplace and original beams in all the rooms, one evening with our Guests sat in our lounge enjoying a hot mug of Hot chocolate I heard a shriek thinking something dreadful had happened I dashed into the lounge to see guests stood on our sofas, apparently a rogue mouse had disturbed there slumber, since that day we call it the Mouse room and have a number of mouse pics around the room, and a giant Micky Mouse takes pride of place on our rocking chair.


Abygail from Norfolk


After heavy rain one Autumn myself and my husband were preparing for our Guests to arrive when the most foul putrid smell took hold over our guest house, the smell lingered like fog over the moors,  Our waste pipe and drainage was leaking affluence all over our lawns, my husband called a drainage firm out but not before our Guests had arrived, extremely embarresing for all concerned.


Megan from Gravesend


I have been known to be a fussy eater I don’t like green veg particuallay, nor my food touching which I know is a bit strange, but certainly not to the extreme to one of our customers went when having breakfast one morning, nothing was to his satisfaction, the eggs were too runny, then too hard, the sausages were to spicy, the bacon too fatty, then too crisp, mushrooms were not the same size he did however eat half of all we sent out to him, in the end he just said may I have toast well..!!..


Mike from Stoke On Trent


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