Going Green with Guest Room Amenities

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Going Green with Guest Room Amenities

by Holly Alderson, Out of Eden

In last month’s issue, we shared some great ways to perfect your breakfast service, including a few tips and tricks on going plastic free. This month, we’re divulging some great ways to keep this eco-friendly momentum going in every aspect of your B&B, not just the breakfast table. 

2018 has certainly been the year of fighting plastic pollution throughout the UK and beyond. An increasing consumer concern has resulted in a huge demand to find a solution, and fast, while we’re continuously flooded with facts and figures informing us on just how much damage our choices can make. From big businesses to independent bed and breakfasts, everyone is feeling this increasing pressure to reassess and reduce our environmental impact. But where to start? We’re sharing some great eco-friendly products to help you on your way:


Individual travel-size toiletries can be a lovely complimentary treat for your guests, and even add some luxury to your bathrooms. However, when you consider the potential amount of wastage in terms of plastic, the contents and your money for those only staying 1 or 2 nights, is there a better, more environmentally friendly alternative? Cole & Lewis toiletries are available in larger 300ml bottles, with the capability of being refilled over 16 times with 5 litre refills, while still maintaining that all-important element of luxury. 

Becoming more eco-friendly isn’t just limited to reducing your single-use plastic usage either. In fact, becoming more sustainably savvy with water and electricity are also great ways to go green. Our eco towels and bathrobes, for example, require 15% less tumble-drying time than conventional towels, meaning less electricity usage to tumble dry, giving you a quicker turnaround with your housekeeping duties while saving you some pennies.


One way to reduce water waste is by investing in smaller kettles for your rooms. Typically, a domestic kettle has around a 1.7 litre capacity, and this can lead to a lot of significant amount of wasted water and electricity when guest’s overestimate how much water they may need compared to what they actually use. Instead, add an eco-kettle to your guest rooms. With a 0.6 litre capacity, your guests will only use what they need to, resulting in a phenomenal reduction in wastage. Manufactured specifically for the hospitality industry, they fit perfectly on to welcome trays and areas where space is limited.

One recurring issue guest’s face when being away from home is the ability to recycle in a B&B. Being on holiday gives a great sense of escapism, but this can also lead to a lack of responsibility when it comes to waste. Outlining a recycling system is a great, easy way to encourage your guests to think twice about what they’re throwing away. We recommend providing a table-top bin designated to general waste, encouraging guests to use an alternative bin for recyclable goods. Conveniently small in size, the table-top bin offers versatility in being appropriate for breakfast tables, on your kitchen counter while you prepare food, or in your guest bedrooms and bathrooms.


One contributor to environmental damage unbeknownst to most is the toxicity hidden in most cleaning products. In fact, some cleaning products containing bleaching agents and detergents are some of the most harmful products in the home. Ethical green product suppliers such as Bio-D and Ecover have been paving the way for effective, quality green cleaning with the use of naturally-derived, plant powerful 100% biodegradable ingredients for almost 30 years. Not only are there Leaping Bunny-approved products free from unnatural, unnecessary harsh chemicals, they’ve also made further endeavours to manufacture all of their product packaging to be made from post-consumer waste, further reducing your contribution to the plastic problem.

Whatever changes you make, no matter how small, can ultimately make all the difference. Whether you swap your travel-size toiletries for refillable bottles, or implement a recycling system in your rooms, don’t forget to shout about what changes you are making and why, as it can also be a great selling point for your B&B. 

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