Guest Room Amenities

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Guest Room Amenities 


Guest room amenities are integral to the holy grail of revenue growth at a luxury bed & breakfast. Out of Eden provides some key examples integral to the way in which you may boost guest satisfaction.


Guests’ expectations are forever on the rise. Providing the right amenities in your rooms can be the key to achieving those outstanding online reviews, repeat bookings and recommendations. At the root of your B&B should be comfort, cleanliness and convenience for your guests, so ask yourself, are you providing everything you can to please your guests and stand out from the competition? 


A Little Something Special

Adding little touches to your rooms will both personalise your guest’s experience and showcase your own attention to detail. Certain personal touches make a difference. For instance leaving complimentary water out is a gesture that is often much appreciated, and one that will refresh your guests as soon as they step foot in their room. Providing an alternative to long-life milk, could you offer your guests fresh milk upon arrival, alongside some homemade baked goodies or fresh treats from your local bakery? 


Luxury of Locality

Factoring in amenities that relate to your B&B’s location not only demonstrates the time you’ve taken to ensure you provide quality products but also shows off what your local community has to offer and it gives your paying guests a sense of place. A simple gesture of a selection of local history books to allow your guests to learn more about your area helps make you different from the competition.


The chances are that your guests will not be familiar with the area where your B&B is located, so putting together an information pack comprising attractions, restaurants, pubs, transport links and recommended walking routes in your area will highlight your attentive hosting skills and reliable local knowledge. Furthermore updating the pack with details of events in your area that week or month will certainly appeal to many of your guests, as people often pick a B&B as their accommodation of choice because of the personal nature of the service and the helpful host.


Technology Treats 

Not every electrical amenity comes with a huge price tag, but they can still be a huge benefit for your guests. Take a look around your rooms and consider whether there are conveniently placed plug sockets by the bed, desk space, or the mirror. For extra brownie points, install USB ports too, to save guests from using up a plug to charge their mobile phones or tablets. To make life easier for you, at Out of Eden we provide plugs with two USB ports while still retaining the original plug socket, which means a simple, cost-effective way of offering USB ports to your guests.


Of course, this is not the be-all and end-all of your B&B, and you know what is best for your business and your guests. There are a million and one ways to make your B&B stand out, and adding just a few extra amenities can make all the difference. 

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