Holidays in June and July: Home vs. Away

The Mirror has compared the cost of a UK “Staycation” holiday with holidays abroad for the upcoming months and have found some interesting results. Source:

The Mirror has reported that there are still some bargains out there if you can avoid school holidays and go in June.

They report that there is little difference between the cost of a holiday abroad and a holiday here at home in the UK. In some cases it is cheaper to holiday abroad.

However, in July, The Mirror have reported that it’s still cheaper to holiday in the UK than abroad, even though it’s outside of the school holidays.

During the school holidays there are few bargains to be found for late July and August.

In some cases, holiday goers might even find better bargains abroad.

UK Holidays are apparently still working out cheaper for a family of four, but once you add the cost of entertainment and meals onto the books, this is comparable with a holiday overseas.

Extra costs that you need to consider when choosing a holiday abroad include:

  • Covid Tests for all unvaccinated travellers.
  • Transfer costs – normally included in package holidays but will need to be considered if you book your travel and accommodation separately.
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