Hospitality secrets unveiled

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UK commercial kitchen supplier Nisbets has published some alarming results of an anonymous survey of kitchen staff confessions

According to the supplier, there are currently 2.3m staff employed in the UK hospitality sector, well known for its high-pressured environment and long hours. Hospitality workers deal every week with two to three complaints from customers who are less than happy.

The Nisbets’ survey, which asked hospitality workers for their best (and worst) catering confessions, yielded some shocking responses, and suggest the secret world of hospitality may be enough to make some people reconsider eating out. Standout confessions include:

  • A head chef making a kitchen porter walk a lobster around the carpark for exercise
  • A sous chef putting chilies in food that was being stolen by staff
  • Kitchen staff scheming to give the grumpy residents in the flats upstairs a cold shower
  • A chef caught trying to put a waited in the pizza oven
  • A sous chef who taught a lesson to bar staff who helped themselves to leftovers, by spiking the food with ultra-hot chillies, wasabi and other such condiments



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