Hospitality Sector planning to re-open – a brief guide on what to consider: By Matt Bryant, Zig Zag Chartered Accountants


For the Hospitality Sector planning to re-open, we have put together a brief guidance on what to consider. The key and first step is to ensure cashflows are prepared, with out these then no business will know how viable they will be going forward. Businesses should be getting this advise and support from their accountant, including looking at costings, room occupancy, restaurant covers.

What is the “new” hotel experience?

What occupancy levels would you be comfortable with?

What occupancy levels would you need rooms and restaurant to be able to survive?

Points to consider

  1. Social Distancing
    • Organised queuing in the reception area for check-in and check-out.
    • Public areas, lifts, stairwells
    • Restaurant
  1. Bar area and restaurant area open. People go away to socialise not to stay in your room, especially for meals.
  2. How to convey your implementation [of COVID-19 protocols] on social media.
  3. Communication of how the staff & guests are expected to stay safe. Such as
    • full change of all linen and bedding,
    • removal of soft furnishings,
    • individual packs of tea/coffee and take away breakfast.
  1. Room sanitation policy.
  2. How meals are provided
  3. Staying safely
  4. Safe availability of amenities
  5. Contactless technology
  6. Sanitation protocols
  7. Facility cleanliness is clearly front of mind, followed by touch points with staff and others by half of respondents.
  8. What PPE would staff be expect to be wearing?
    • Face masks
    • Face shields
    • Aprons
    • Gloves
  1. Cleanliness, staff presentation, safe distancing and sanitation of all equipment.
  2. Opening Windows, No Air Conditioning.
  3. Hand Sanitiser of virus killing strength washing facilities massively important.
  4. Cleanliness is absolutely essential.
  5. Room service could be essential.
  6. Staff displaying good protocols – Visible sanitising


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