How ‘green’ are your paper straws?


With the confirmed plastic straw ban coming to England in April 2020, businesses are looking for alternatives…paper is of course the answer, but which are REALLY better for the environment and what should you be looking out for?

Not all paper straws are made the same!

Many suppliers are sourcing their paper straws from China which unfortunately means these have a huge carbon footprint before they have even reached the UK. They arrive in a large amount of packaging and repacked into smaller orders for businesses and often arrive wrapped in plastic??

The worst part is the glue that is used in many of these straws still has plastic (micro beads) in, meaning the straw is still harmful to our oceans, sea life and us! Often coated in wax, meaning they can’t been thrown in with paper and cardboard recycling.

At Paper Straw Group we make the straws on site in Woking, Surrey and only use British suppliers and European paper which is always FSC approved. Glue and inks are all food safe and our glue in 100% plastic free – we have been passionate about this and taken our time to ensure we have found the best in the business. Due to the way we make our straws they can be recycled, composted and will biodegrade so our straws will not leave a trace on our planet and make them easier for you to dispose of.

Will they go soggy?

Paper straws will never be as strong as plastic…that’s the whole point! The longer they last in your drink the longer they last on the planet – it’s no secret that plastic can last over 600 years in the ocean and can’t be recycled easily – yes paper will not last as long – in fact only as long as your drink, how wonderful is that! You will never find our straws in the ocean or on the planet after approx. 2 months

Questions to ask

  • Are your straws made in the UK?
  • Is the paper from approved resource and carry the FSC approval?
  • Are all the food inks safe and have certificates?
  • Is the glue 100% plastic free – ask for proof
  • Do they have a coating to stop them being recycled?
  • You have the right to ask for certificates and proof!

Free Samples for Luxury Bed & Breakfast Readers

We are so proud of our straws and what we can create we would love to send you samples so you can see for yourself what we can offer – remember, these will be the most environmentally friendly straws on the market!

Please register for your free sample now at and mention Luxury Bed and Breakfast in the comments to ensure you receive the full range.

10% discount off your first order please enter LB&B2019 to your order or email on for more details.

Be proud of your straw and put your name to them!

With straws from Paper Straw Group, you no longer need to hide your straws away – if fact you can be proud of your straws and by branding them gives a very bold message to customers and guests and makes them totally unique to you and your business. Special event coming up… for very special occasions we can do short run straws from just 20 straws with personal messages and logos.



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