Interior View: Alternative Nautical Themes

alternative nautical themed props

This month, David considers how you can make a nautical themed room without clichéd anchors and dusty lamps.

Creating a theme for an individual room or an entire venue is a well- trodden path and arguably one of the most common is a nautical theme. But where do you find things a little more unusual than dusty navigation lamps and anchors hiding in the undergrowth?

Well the answer is at a Boat Jumble – think of it as a small car boot sale, but for boat stuff.

Like all public events the calendar is currently much reduced – 16 scheduled jumbles in 2020 became two and 2021 has a mere seven on the list. The calendar is here:

In addition there are specialist events, such as the Thames Traditional Boat Festival, scheduled for this coming August Bank Holiday. The Festival is a fantastic celebration of all things old and nautical, with several large stalls selling antiques and decorative items:

alternative nautical themed props

Water Skis

It’s not all traditional gear. Marine can mean unusual retro items, such as these water skis from the 1950s, 60s and 80s – on my very own website:

alternative nautical themed props

Verdigris Brushed Bronze

Dealers will help you source what you need. Check out dealer Mariner’s Lament for example. That wonderful verdigris blush is from admiralty- quality bronze. Think hooks, vents, repurposed bulkhead lights and more:

alternative nautical themed props alternative nautical themed props alternative nautical themed props


Nautical imagery can surprise too; these original French and American film posters set a very different aesthetic from that expected. Mix them with traditional bronze and the result can be spectacular! They also happen to be a good investment too, but more on that subject in a later issue…


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