Interview: The Pub Landlord


Comedian Al Murray, the Pub Landlord, talks to Innkeeper on fashions and other issues threatening the British pub in the Autumn issue of Luxury B&B magazine.

On gin: “Gin constitutes hope, and I’ll tell you why: nobody actually likes gin, so just imagine how much booze we will sell when someone starts a trend of something they actually like.”

On wine: “What’s good about English wines is this: when you buy a bottle of wine, the way to be sure that it’s any good is if the label on the back is in the same language as the place it’s from.”

And on the staff: “The best way to leep staff is to pay them more money and have them work less hours – you’ve got to have a dream, right?”

Read the full interview in the Autumn issue of Luxury B&B on page 50-51 by clicking on this link.


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