Should you invest in a Jacuzzi for your B&B?

Should you invest in a Jacuzzi for your B&B?
Should you invest in a Jacuzzi for your B&B?

Should you invest in a Jacuzzi for your B&B?

Georgina Newby, of Outdoor Living Hot Tubs, gives us her top reasons on why investing in a Jacuzzi/hot tub is good for business.

We live in a world where customers are able to compare destinations and B&Bs easier than ever before, thanks to the Internet and the rise of connected devices, such as smartphones and tablets. This means that standing out from your competitors is more important than ever before.

So, how do you stand out from your competitors? Look at adding additional reasons for someone to entice someone to stay at your B&B, such as a Jacuzzi. There are many benefits, from increasing your income through to creating a more relaxed environment for your guests. Below is a breakdown of the benefits:

Increase your average income to your B&B

In a study on holiday parks in the UK by Jacuzzi, it was found that a hot tub offers a credible return on investment, with the average weekly rental price of accommodation with a hot tub increasing by a minimum of £70 per week. The study was also carried out on hotels, who saw profitability increase by on average 25% at weekends for rooms with access to a hot tub.

There is no reason why this isn’t applicable to B&Bs, either. Even though there hasn’t been a study dedicated to B&Bs, there’s no suggestion that a hot tub wouldn’t increase your average income.

Provide a relaxing environment at your B&B

Bathing in hot water is one of the oldest forms of relaxation, so offering an escape for your clientele after a busy day of activities or the stress of everyday life can prove to be a popular attraction.

Improve the wellbeing of your guests to your B&B

Not only is a hot tub relaxing, it is also good for the health of your customers. Spending just 10 minutes in a hot tub can:

  • Increase blood circulation
  • Soothe tightness in areas such as your neck and shoulders
  • Boost your immune system
  • Help improve the quality of sleep

Increase your occupancy rate to your B&B by adding a hot tub

In a similar manner to increasing average income, a hot tub can increase the occupancy rate of your B&B by making it a more desirable place to stay. A study by Jacuzzi found that bookings at hotels and holiday parks increased by 10% when a shared hot tub was installed. Furthermore, it was found that new clientele (women and couples between 25 and 30 years old) were visiting due to the addition of a hot tub.

Outdoor Living have been supplying and installing hot tubs since 2004 and have showrooms in Hull and Leeds. Visit for more information.


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