Is aerial photography right for my property? A column by Neil Frazer October 2021

Aerial photos of your property can’t fail to be impressive right?

is aerial photography right for my property

Aerial photos of your property can’t fail to be impressive right? It’s so different and gives a great idea of the layout. However there are a few traps that you can fall into when commissioning this kind of work.

Ask yourself: “Is your property situated in an area that lends itself to aerial shots?

By their very nature, aerial shots are wide and take in a lot of the surrounding area, so you’ll need to think about a few things:

  • Remember that the whole of the outside area will be in the shot, so you’ll need to tidy and remove any vehicles from the driveway.
  • Do you have neighbours near by? What is the state of their property? I recently shot a converted horse box that looked, in the photos, like it was all on it’s own in the middle of no-where. In fact it was in a paddock at the back of the owners house and the neighbouring farm was building a large extension. The owner requested that I take some aerial shots but there was no way of doing so without showing either the building site just over the hedge or the owner’s house just down the end of the field. The areal shots would have ruined the image they were trying to convey.
  • Are you situated close to a main road or railway track? In the past I have shot a beautiful modern barn conversion with bi-fold doors and garden that backs out straight on to the Sussex South Downs with amazing views. However on the other side of the house was a big fence another row of houses, a railway line and then the A27. So there was no way of getting an aerial shot of the back of the house with the South Downs in the background due to the fence. If I’d shot it from the front, you would see how close the trains and traffic were due to the height.
  • Time of year is also a consideration. It’s always nice to have summery shots, however if your property is situated under the canopy of large trees it’s probably not possible to get a shot in the middle of the summer due to not being able to see it for the trees. You may have to wait until the winter when there are no leaves. Winter sunshine can also look lovely.


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