Isle of Skye B&B Fire – The Latest News

isle of skye fire

Isle of Skye B&B 2020 Fire – Latest News

On the 7th January this week, Cairn View of Skye B&B in Borreraig (north-west in the Skye island) suffered from a devastating fire.

The fire ‘ripped’ through to the building to a mere shell as it spread across the property.

Incredibly, all the guests in the B&B were swiftly evacuated, and have been reported to be “safe and well”

It has yet to be confirmed why the Isle of Skye B&B Fire occurred in the first place and if it could have been prevented.
(This BBC article ) offers insight about fire fundamentals and their havoc on businesses, specifically wildfires)

The article highlights that the majority of wildfires are actually caused because of human behaviour such as deliberate arson, lit cigarette carelessness, , playing with fireworks or flammable substances such as gas cylinders.

The trouble is when there is a lot of wind in the air and when a wildfire has just begun. The wind causes the fire to travel and wreck havoc on whatever is in the path of it.

wildfire on skye island

John Finlayson, the councillor of Skye has expressed his condolences and thoughts to all involved in the blaze.


He states it is never good to hear about incidents like this, but equally as unfortunate to hear about them at this time of year. He also mentions that it was lucky for the fire service to arrive in such a prompt time, and hopes the year will improve for Isle of Skye in the months to come.





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