Sweating the small stuff


Karen’s Column for March 2021, written by the founder of the B and B Academy, Karen Thorne.

When someone suggested that I stop “Sweating the small stuff’, I replied “But that’s my job!” You don’t need to spend long reading a highly rated B&B’s reviews before spotting the phrase “attention to detail”.

Lemon drizzle cake, shortbread & fresh milk are often mentioned, whilst the expensive welsh blanket and expensive art rarely get a look in. Achieving the right attention to detail does need the processes in place to support it.

My 6am 22 mile trip round Shropshire to find Halloumi before breakfast, could have been avoided had I paid closer attention to my supply management process!

What my well meaning friend was suggesting with their “small stuff” comments was that I need to get better at dealing with the small stuff.

And I confess that I do tend to overreact. My husband has stopped running into the kitchen when he hears me swearing loudly, only to find another not quite perfect poached egg being given to the dog.

The day the shout meant I required a lift to minor injuries, I had to find him and explain it wasn’t another dodgy poached egg.

For me, it’s a balance between caring enough about my business to focus on details, whilst not beating myself up when things go wrong – maybe drop the 6am frantic drives round the county.

Instead, a sincere apology with a promise that there would be halloumi the next day might just be good enough…

You can read more on the attention to details that B&B guests love in my blog: bandbacademy.co.uk/blog

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