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Luxury Bathroom

Kevin Grant of Designwork Tiles gives us his top tips on how to create a luxurious bathroom 

In today’s world of travel and leisure the customer’s expectations have reached a very high level. So high, in fact, that some businesses might miss out on sales and growth opportunities if their facilities fail to attract the right – meaning quite picky audience.

There’s nothing wrong with customers expecting high standards and top quality when it comes to booking their stay at hotels and B&Bs. With the amount of choice out there it’s only natural that players who are part of the HORECA sector must compete in order to survive. Sometimes improving the quality of the services offered is based on hiring professional, experienced staff. Other times it will be all about the looks. That’s where good design and quality materials come in.

Your customers want to unwind in a gorgeous setting and that doesn’t necessarily mean just a lovely view outside the window. The same could be said about the room they will be occupying. They will carefully analyse the space and perhaps even make their booking decisions based solely on that. So have an honest conversation with yourself. Is the room stylish? Is it comfortable? Is it practical and elegant? Today these expectations extend to the bathroom space as well, so it essential to invest in quality products that will look good for years to come.

If you are looking to create a high-end style bathroom without the high cost, think about investing wisely in the right fittings, fabrics and materials. Tiles can play an important role and they needn’t blow your budget either; Designworks Tiles have plenty of affordable and on-trend products to give your hotel bathroom that wonderful luxurious feel.


  1. Size matters

If you are opting for a contemporary style then consider using simple, large-format porcelain tiles – the simplicity being that the larger the tile, the less you need to buy in order to cover your walls and floors. This significantly reduces the amount of grout lines and therefore doesn’t divide the space quite as much as a smaller format would, making it appear larger than it really is.


  1. Choose a WOW effect

For something really on-trend look no further than marble-effect tiles. These offer the practicality of porcelain combined with the unrivalled beauty of the veining found in natural stone.  Easy to install and maintain, these tiles will draw the eye and create a SPA-like ambiance.  Marble is everywhere in interiors at the moment and faux marble is just as stunning as the real deal.

The same goes for wood-effect planks which evoke a chalet chic atmosphere and play well with the current hygge trend. Using an affordable porcelain dupe means the look is even more achievable.


  1. Warm that floor!

Floor tiles can also work with underfloor heating and a warm floor in a bathroom is a coveted luxury. Underfloor heating also has the advantage of being hidden away and due to the even distribution of heat it’s an efficient way to warm up a room whilst adding a touch of luxury. It is more cost-efficient in the long run than traditional radiators.


  1. Make the space appear larger

Another way to add luxe for less is with mirrors. Covering just a small surface area, perhaps above a sink as a splashback, is a brilliant way to add drama and add the illusion of extra space. Team with fresh fluffy towels and some gorgeous rose gold or copper accessories for a full on glamorous feel.



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