Kitchen Style Secrets: How to make your kitchen tasteful and timeless


Wren Kitchens Design Director, Darren Watts, reveals the important kitchen choices that will keep your space in style through all the current trends

It’s always fun to follow new and emerging kitchen trends, see how people interpret them and how we can incorporate aspects of them into our own homes. However, when you make that investment into your dream kitchen, it’s good to know the features that will always be in style.

Wren Kitchens Design Director, Darren Watts, has been leading the very latest trends and innovations in kitchen design for the UK’s number one kitchen retailer since it emerged over 10 years ago. Below, Darren reveals his ultimate list of timeless kitchen styles, including enduring features, iconic colours, and classic materials which will give your kitchen ageless style.

Choose Classic Cabinets

The Shaker style cabinet is a versatile option that suits anyone’s space, come modern or traditional. It has a timeless design and when paired with the right worktop, such as chunky timber worktops or icy white quartz, it can tread the line of modern and traditional.

The Perfect Palette

A timeless kitchen is all about the right colour palette to create a warming and inviting space. A neutral colour scheme, such as soft beiges, pale greys, traditional creams and blush pinks with a matte finish, will give the space a quiet confidence that will never go out of style.

Worktops That Work

Investing in your worktop is essential, as it’s one of the most hardwearing areas in your kitchen space, so it can be difficult to choose between style and practicality. A solid timber worktop looks organic and is durable. However, if you’re looking for something with a bit of sparkle that will stand the test of time, our Xena Quartz worktops are both easy to clean, and stain and scratch resistant.

Stacks of Storage

Making sure your storage is smart and subtle is a great way of elevating your space, whilst ensuring your surrounding areas stay timelessly elegant. Having pantry-style storage in your kitchen is both practical and pretty. Keeping it well-stocked with uniform storage containers inspires creativity in your culinary pursuits and gives your kitchen a homely feel.

Stunning Ceramic Sinks

A durable sink that always looks brand new will keep your kitchen fresh. With this in mind, choosing a ceramic, deep bowl gives your kitchen a timeless aesthetic and has practical appeal.

Keep it Brassy

With a huge rise in demand, brass hardware is proving itself as a timeless classic that is always in style. Having brass handles, knobs and taps gives your kitchen period yet modern appeal. Brass is the ultimate mixture of tradition and luxury that is undoubtedly timeless.

Find out more about these classic features and style tips here.

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