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Les Marshall, Sales and Marketing Director at Miele Professional:

Well-kept laundry, from tablecloth and napkins to bedclothes and bath linen are an important hallmark of any elegant bed and breakfast. Investing in a high standard of white goods, such as laundry machines, in order to produce a good quality finish reflects the high standards of your establishment to your guests.

Luxury bed and breakfasts have the same professional demands on their laundries as hotels and restaurants; fast turnaround times, maintaining the quality of their linen and a high level of versatility to cope with constantly changing types of laundry. On-premise laundries allow owners to manage their own laundry, giving them more flexibility and control. Guests often measure facilities on the softness and cleanliness of towels and bedding; in fact a recent survey by Miele Professional found that 55% of consumers list high levels of cleanliness as an influential factor in encouraging them to return to a bed and breakfast. Taking the laundry process in house allows managers to oversee it from start to finish and ensure it is completed to the highest standard. 

An in-house laundry can also make a huge difference to controlling costs over the long term. Miele laundry machines are built to last for over 30,000 cycles and are easy to operate, meaning that a minimum amount of staff time is required to run them. Taking your process in-house also saves valuable time at every stage. 

Miele Professional has created a wide range of water efficient washing machines, all of which use less water than conventional washing machines without compromising wash performance. The Little Giant range of machines (including models PW6055, PW6065) minimises energy consumption and have water efficient programmes that optimise the water needed for each cycle. 

Due to their compact nature, the Little Giant range is perfect for bed and breakfasts with limited space for laundries. Thanks to its small footprint and ability to stack together with other products in the range, such as the Little Giant tumble dryers, it is ideal for businesses needing a compact laundry solution.

The cycles are short – 6.5kg of laundry can be washed and dried in Little Giants in little over an hour (85 mins).  The Little Giant range also includes heat-pump dryers, PT 5137 WP and PT 7137 WP which are leading the field in energy efficiency. With a reduction in energy consumption of up to 60% and short cycle times, the machines are perfectly geared to save costs for businesses with a high laundry turnover, such as B&Bs, as well as actively contributing to protecting the environment.

For more information on Miele Professional’s products, please phone 0844 8936907 or log onto http://www.miele-professional.co.uk/. To download the on-premises laundry e-book log onto http://www.miele-professional.co.uk/opl-ebook   


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