Luxury Bed & Breakfast announces membership scheme


Cross-sector interest is growing in the new Luxury Bed & Breakfast membership scheme that we are unveiled last month to help encourage direct bookings, share market information and will boost the profile of this luxury market to wider public appeal. The scheme will help set a standard for the disparate array of exceptional B&Bs across the UK and in the process elevate the opportunities for luxury B&B owners to market themselves more effectively to a wider number of guests.

Eligibility for membership of the scheme will be judged by our team and awarded to successful applicants according to selected criteria demonstrating that they provide a high-quality experience in accommodation, breakfast and individual service.


Defining luxury 

There are many B&Bs that provide a luxury experience to their guests without feeling the need to resort to mainstream but worthy assessment programmes such as the AA’s inspection and quality assurance star rating system.

We will therefore not be excluding properties that have not qualified for such star ratings, but instead will judge each B&B according to the level of accommodation, facilities and service provided on an individual basis.

Upon signing up to be assessed as to your eligibility for membership, a member or associate member of the Luxury Bed & Breakfast team will visit your property to form a judgement according to the guest experience on offer.


Approval process

We will inspect your B&B and If you pass our approval process, you will be part of the Luxury Bed & Breakfast approved membership programme. We will provide you with marketing material to highlight that you are part of the membership programme and will help with the sales and marketing of your business as part of our approved scheme.

For an additional charge luxury B&Bs can participate in our Mystery Sleeper programme, whereby we will come and stay at your B&B without any staff knowing and report on our experience.

This will include website experience, phone experience, how easy it was for guests to find in relation to the given address and any associated instructions, customer service, bedroom, bathroom and breakfast. We will analyse everything and anything on which you want us to focus.

We will then provide you with a full and detailed report that will not be for publication (unless you want it to be published) nor affect your Approved Membership, but which will give you a real insight into your B&B and perspective on just how it is being run.

For an additional charge we will produce an annual magazine for your B&B. This will include a write up of attributes of your property and feature updates of details of attractions in and around your area and activities that your visitors may wish to undertake.

This publication will of course make your B&B more personal. You can use this personalised magazine to promote breakfast times and other useful information about your B&B. We can also include local paid for advertising or articles to help you subsidize the cost or even make a profit!


For further information or to apply for membership of the Luxury Bed & Breakfast scheme please contact

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