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Signs of Spring are beginning to appear around the country as the hospitality sector emerges once again from winter slowdown and prepares for the busier months ahead.

This issue of Luxury BnB brings you practical suggestions on how to drive up guest numbers. We examine ways you may not have explored in which you can easily draw overnight visitors. The internet may have brought its problems, not least the advent of the OTA helping itself to your direct commission. Guests’ growing addiction to Wi-Fi has caused a headache to a great many rural properties that are unable, with the best will in the world, to deliver a reliable broadband service, often resulting in devastatingly poor review rankings.

There is one particular online approach that you could and should consider capitalising upon if you have not already done so, which is securing an online link to a showcase of your venue with the sites of nearby events, concerts, racing events of festivals.

It costs little or nothing to connect your business, complete with pics and the best reviews you can muster, with the websites of the organisers of all these events. Seasons such as the Cheltenham raving festival in March that draw visitors from far afield are perfect for attracting overnight guests to higher-end hospitality venues such as yours. We give examples from around the UK of crowd-drawing events, along with professional advice on how to go about drawing attention of your venue to anyone visiting the website of the nearby festival or event in question.

Meanwhile our cover story on Leeds Castle Hotel illustrates how hospitality businesses close to – or even, in this case, on the grounds of – major tourist attractions, can build up direct associations with local businesses to deliver top-quality service to your guests. Whether it be with a high-calibre local florist able to deliver spectacular flower arrangements for wedding parties or a reliable and top-quality local catering business, connecting guests easily and reliably with such services will meet with high approval from the very people who will ultimately be awarding you the five stars you deserve.


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