Making the Most of Space in A Bathroom


Making the Most of Space in A Bathroom

When designing any room, it’s so important to consider space. Too much furniture and embellishment can often make a room seem smaller but minimalist décor can feel bare and unwelcoming – striking the right balance is key to creating a welcoming, homely atmosphere.

Bathrooms are a challenging space to plan with so many essential, bulky items to consider but if done correctly any bathroom can be transformed into a functional and airy space.

Firstly, good lighting is essential when considering the interior design of a bathroom. Well positioned, quality lighting helps to create the illusion of extra space, flatters room décor and banishes unflattering reflections in the mirror which is so important for guests who will want to look and feel their best whilst on holiday.

Whether your guests are staying for an evening or a week, it’s vital to consider every aspect of their stay, including the all-important lighting. To ensure a flattering reflection in the mirror, the best option is to invest in a bathroom mirror with lighting around the edge – this will evenly distribute the light to produce a clear, symmetrical reflection. If you’re looking for inspiration, Lumino have a great range of quality illuminated mirrors and cabinets which are also available in LED battery options to avoid making any mess when installing.

In addition to mirror lighting, it’s key to light every area in a bathroom according to its purpose. Spotlights are a modern way to generate targeted light, such as over the sink and in the shower, they are also very discreet. An even more contemporary option would be to install LED floor lights, this sleek and stylish alternative to more traditional lighting options will illuminate the bathroom from the ground up – creating a peaceful, calming atmosphere. 

When deciding upon a colour scheme, keep light shades and larger patterns in mind as they will cheat the illusion of extra space. Carry on this theme in every aspect of the bathroom including towels etc so that a block of dark colour doesn’t disrupt your guests line of vision – a top tip for creating the illusion of extra space.

Choosing the right furniture to fit your space is an important element in making sure a bathroom looks as large as possible. Opting for a floating vanity unit will create the illusion of extra space by drawing your guest’s eyes away from the floor – also make sure you consider a wall mounted tap as this will save space by allowing for a more streamlined sink unit.

Banishing shower curtains in favour of a glass panel where possible is also a great way to modernise a bathroom and maximise space, glass is a durable and effective material to use throughout a contemporary bathroom.

Lighting, colour and furniture are the three most important elements to consider when planning a bathroom make-over – if these fundamentals work in unison, the results can be amazing. The bathroom is the most used room in any establishment so it makes perfect sense to make sure it’s as welcoming as possible.




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