Mile Professional – Boost Laundry Quality

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Save money and boost laundry quality with Miele Professional

Miele Professional is the global leader of commercial laundry equipment, dishwashers, washer disinfectors and sterilisation equipment designed for use in a wide range of industries. In particular, the brand is a great choice for the hospitality sector, providing flexible solutions to bed and breakfasts of all sizes, as well as a variety of accessories to suit the needs of individual establishments. 

Having the right machines is vital for B&B’s who require equipment that is high quality, easy-to-use and energy efficient in order to uphold standards, ensure staff productivity is maximised and reduce utility bills. Research from Miele Professional highlights how important clean laundry is to customers, with more than half (55%) of guests worrying about the cleanliness of the hotel room they are staying in. Therefore, it is essential B&B’s consider laundry facilities thoroughly in order to create a strong customer experience. 

As part of this, on-premise laundries allow housekeeping teams to manage their own laundry processes, giving them flexibility and control. Customers often measure B&B’s by how soft towels are and the cleanliness of the linen, and quality cannot be fully guaranteed off-site. 

Creating a small on-premise laundry to process towels can have many benefits for hospitality businesses. Cost is a key consideration, and bringing some laundry operations in house means that outgoings can be more closely controlled. In this situation, the Miele Professional 5.5kg – 8kg machines are the perfect fit, with stackable units that offer a high-performance on a 1mfootprint, perfect for use where space is a premium.

The Little Giant range has a load capacity of up to 6.5kg and wash and dry a laundry load in as little as 90 minutes, while Miele’s 8kg capacity machines can wash up to 200 towels per day. 

All machines feature Miele Professional’s patented honeycomb drum which cushions laundry, preserving the quality, softness and life of the towels.

Miele Professional also has a range of machines ranging from 10-32kg load capacities for larger on-premise laundries, alongside a range of ironers for a perfect finish. The machines are German engineered and rigorously tested before leaving the factories. All washing machines are tested to 30,000 wash cycles: equivalent to being used eight hours a day, seven days a week, for over 10 years.

Mile Professional – Boost Laundry Quality

Newest to the Miele line-up are the “Benchmark” washing machines, which launched in April and offer outstanding wash quality and cycle times from just 45 minutes. To enable energy savings, the range includes an improved heating system and the ability to specify load sizes, which means less water, energy and detergent are used. 

The machines (in the cottons 60°C programme) require up to 20% less water and 30% less energy than the previous generation, while also reducing residual moisture to 45% to enable further savings. The range also features an exclusive new OneFingerTouch door system which, alongside an easy-to-use six-button programme selection, creates a seamless process for laundry operators. 

Lynne Lino, of Candercraig House hotel in Aberdeenshire, said: “Our Miele Professional machines have completely revolutionised our business. Not only has their efficiency saved us time and money but we can completely rely on our machines to provide the quality results that our guests expect.” 

For more information on Miele Professional’s products, phone 0844 8936907, visit or follow the company on Twitter @MieleProf

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