The National Bed Federation Gives Bed Care Advice

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The National Bed Federation Gives Bed Care Advice

 The National Bed Federation is the recognised trade association representing UK manufacturers of beds and their suppliers, offering best practice guidance and advice to the trade and consumers.  Simon Williams, Marketing Manager,  gives us his advice on how to care for beds and mattresses.

For luxury bed and breakfast establishments, a comfortable night’s sleep is a key driver for consumers to make a booking – and return again. So that’s why it is really important to take care of the beds in every room.

“Like most new products, useful life-span depends on the amount of care the bed receives throughout its life. A bed and breakfast mattress is exposed to constant changes of bed linen and different occupiers meaning different weights, ages and heights of adults and children sleeping in the bed.

“When cleaning beds and mattresses, be careful about using a vacuum cleaner – it could dislodge fillings and damage the bed, unless special adjustments for fine fabrics are used. Also ensure the window is open while undertaking tasks that are likely to generate dust! The mattress and upholstered base should be carefully cleaned with a soft brush to remove fluff and dust. Avoid pulling on tufts and buttons – they’re needed to hold the filling in position just as the machine stitching does in the case of quilted covers. Ideally you should do this every few months.

“If you feel the mattress needs more than just a vacuum – to remove unsightly stain marks for example – then consider spray extraction cleaning. It removes 90 per cent of the moisture used which is vital if you are to avoid encouraging dust mites. But check the mattress isn’t already stain-guarded or finished with a flame retardant coating as this method of cleaning can remove any such protective coatings. Then, ideally get a professional in to do the job for you.


“If the mattress is deigned to be slept on both sides, make sure you turn it regularly. It is important that you turn the mattress from end to end and side to side every week for the first few months if new, and thereafter about every three months. This will prolong the life-span of your mattress and minimise body impression or settlement. And non-turn mattresses should be rotated from head to toe on a regular basis.  


“While sheets and duvet and pillow cases are regularly washed and changed, it’s frightening how many pillows and blankets are never washed from year to year. Duvets too need regular washing or cleaning. 

“Finally, be honest with yourself – are the beds really past their sell-by date?  Are they more than ten years old, sagging and frankly not very comfortable? It could well be that no amount of spring cleaning will spruce up these springs and that the real answer lies in buying new beds. If doing this, it is always advisable to look for an NBF Approved product so you know you’re buying a safe, clean an honest bed for your guests – so look out for the NBF Approved ‘big tick’ logo.” 


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