August 2021 Contributors Pack (x10 magazines)




Featuring in this next issue…

To B&B, or not to B&B, that is the question, with Kilmartin Castle. Can’t decide whether to operate as a B&B or an exclusive, self-catering holiday-let? Discover how Stef and Simon combined both of these to cater to a wider audience at Kilmartin Castle

Working together to run a family business, with Orchard Huts. Lindsay Morrison and her daughter, Emily, tell Luxury BnB how they work together with husband and father, Graham, to keep the family business running smoothly.

What do you need for a boat B&B? with Highland Lassie. Looking at setting up a Bed & Breakfast that’s a little different? Take some inspiration from Highland Lassie, a well-known floating B&B close to Inverness

Picking the best bed, with The National Bed Federation. Important things to consider when buying new mattresses and how to pick the best bed for your business

Also in this issue…

  • Chapter 4 of the LBNB ebook
  • Dressing your property for a photoshoot
  • Properties for sale

And more… from multiple industry experts!