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 By David Weston, Chair of the Bed & Breakfast Association 

After over a year in crisis, much of it in closure, B&Bs and guesthouses are now at least planning for reopening – on 26 April in Scotland, and 17 May in England. And the best have good forward bookings for Summer. But it is patchy across the UK, and of course there is a short season left and a huge financial hole to fill for most. 

The B&B Association have made these key asks of Governments as we move out of lockdown: 

  • To make sure remaining financial support is paid without further delay by central Governments and local authorities 
  • The clearest and fullest guidance for accommodation owners around reopening 
  • Remaining restrictions on tourism to be lifted as soon as safely possible (and ideally co-ordinated between the various UK nations) 
  • For other leisure sectors like attractions and events to be reopened as soon as possible (as these are often the reasons our guests come to stay with us) 
  • A well-funded national communications campaign around reopening, to encourage guests to get out and stay in British B&Bs and guesthouses 

The last point is vital, as a year’s saturation coverage discouraging movement and contact will need to be countered by positive messages promoting (safe) tourism, and encouraging guests to stay in Covid-secure B&Bs and guest houses. 

Our best wishes for a strong Summer and Autumn season!

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David Weston has a 30 year track record in the travel, tourism and hospitality sector. He is a Fellow of the Tourism Society (FTS), and a member of the Government's Tourism Industry Council. In September 2021, David was awarded AA Hospitality's "Outstanding Achievement Award" 2021.