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With the English weather being so unpredictable, even in the height of Summer, why not ensure that your outdoor space can be used throughout the year by adding an awning roof to your property.

The draw of beautiful outdoor space and scenery is compelling and a true selling point for potential visitors. Whether this space is a beautiful courtyard, a small patio area or sprawling gardens, ensuring that any outdoor space you have is utilised well is crucial.

There are various ways in which you can protect your outdoor spaces from changeable weather. Traditional awnings have been in use for many years and are still a great way to provide shading so small patio areas. Although awnings are a simple way to provide protection they cannot be used in high winds and offer little protection from rain showers so are not always the best solution for ‘outdoor living’.

Thankfully there are now many outdoor living products that can provide a much higher level of protection, whilst creating an outdoor space that is as inviting as the inside.

A great upgrade from the traditional awning is an awning roof. These patio roof systems mix the benefits of a retractable awning with a lightweight yet durable aluminium structure. The simple aluminium framework holds and supports the retractable awning, allowing it to cover a much larger outdoor area than traditional awnings are able. Another plus point? When the awning roof is fully extended it creates a fully watertight roof for your outdoor space. Any water collected by the awning is drained into the aluminium structure holding it, which is then drained away down the leg posts.

The aluminium framing is minimal so won’t detract from any views you may have and, as it is classed as a semi-permanent structure, is suitable to be added to listed buildings or buildings in a conservation area.

An alternative option for full weather protection for a garden or patio space is an automated louvre roof. You may not have heard of this outdoor solution before but they are very popular on the continent and used as outdoor coverings in most restaurants and hotels.

Using a similar aluminium roof structure as the awning roofs these systems contain modern aluminium blades (or louvres) within the roofs that are fully rotatable. You can position the louvres to whatever angle you need to provide shading for the patio, or even to shade the rear patio doors.

When the louvres are turned to a fully flat position they all interlock and create a fully watertight patio roof system. Some of the higher end systems have been tested to withstand a rain fall intensity of 144mm of rain per minute, which is perfect for coastal properties.

You do not get the benefit of opening the entire patio roof like you do with an awning roof but they are more durable, offer higher levels of weather protection and can double up as shading for your patio doors.

When you add one of these patio roof systems to your property you can essentially create another space for guests to relax. Use them to create an outdoor dining area, a garden retreat or an outdoor play space.

They don’t have to be attached to the side of the building either. By using four legs to support the patio roof you can install it away from the building into the gardens, perfect for a relaxing garden retreat or a hot tub cover.

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