The Great House B&B helps local community during power cuts

Rural Exmoor B&B, The Great House, opens to the local community, free of charge, during village wide power cuts

The Great House B&B Exmoor

Over the weekend, The Great House B&B in Exmoor helped people in need during power cuts cause by the storm.

The Great House B&B opened its doors for people in their local community after village wide power cuts due to the storm.

Sheila Harvey-Larmar and her husband Bruce own and run the Grade II listed B&B, which was one of the first properties to have their power restored in the village.

As one of the only local properties with power, they put up posters and social media posts, offering use of the B&B’s amenities to local residents.

Not only did they offer their shower and washing facilities, but they informed local residents that they could use their kitchen, charging facilities and even a room for the night, free of charge.

As soon as power was restored to The Great House B&B, Sheila and Bruce decided to open their doors to locals.

“We put together a poster and put it in the local shop, on the village notice board and even delivered a few by hand,” said Sheila.

“Next thing you know, we had someone knocking on the door saying, ‘Can we use your shower?’”

The pair officially closed the B&B so that no one could book rooms, ensuring that the property was only open for the community.

Bruce said: “People were saying how nice it was to see some local spirit.”

Sheila said: “It actually turned out to be quite good marketing.

“It really wasn’t intended that way. It really just came from the heart.”

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