How a small investment in interior design lead to big earnings


Small budget, big money: How a small investment in interior design lead to big earnings.


From AirBnB’s to actual B&B’s – individuality, style, and design have become the benchmarks of competitive advantage in the hospitality industry. Imagine being able to tailor each room or property to suit specific styles, needs and experiences, creating spaces that have the power to make people feel genuinely happy. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Here’s the catch: with exorbitant by-the-hour fees and lengthy time frames, the price we pay for professional interior design has reached the astronomical.  Enter, Homewings, the online interior design service that thought “there must be a better way!” and did something about it.


The innovative service makes the process of transforming your space simple and affordable. Think: interior design for the 21st century – all conveniently online.


With its per-room flat fees starting at just £199/room, it has set the interior design industry’s priorities straight. “Homewings removes all of the barriers to entry for people with even the smallest of interior design budgets” says Homewings co-founder Nicolai Watzenig, “giving them access to the right skills, knowledge and insight from experienced professionals, but at a fraction of the cost. Our £199/room package would cost upwards of £2,000 through the traditional routes.” And that’s excluding furniture.


The simple and interactive design process leads customers to interior happiness in just 2 weeks, handling everything from style concept to furniture shopping. Designing a space with Homewings begins like it ends: with accessibility and convenience in mind. The first step is to take a quick (and fun) style quiz to define your interior style. Then, simply upload some photos and a floorplan, sit back, and let the transformation begin!


For fitness Expert Lucy Dixon, Homewings was the answer to a question that is all too familiar to London residents: “how do I get more for my AirBnB?”. Working one-on-one with Homewings designer Gemma Rowland, Lucy transformed her London flat into an AirBnB hotspot, increasing her fees from £125 to £210, and boosting bookings by 35%.


Her fabulous flat was a diamond in the rough, “I wanted to get more for my AirBnb, but I didn’t know where to start” admits Lucy. With AirBnB £££’s on her mind, she came to Homewings with a brief that fits her bright personality to a T: “I wanted it to be not just my happy place, but a happy place”.

Once her designer had been hand-picked by Homewings’ savvy project management team, it was time to get designing! The first step was the style concept. Armed with her ‘perfect home’ Pinterest board, Lucy began collaborating with her designer to create a mood board that reflected everything Lucy wanted from her dream space. “I wanted it to be bright, and joyful, while still remaining practical” she says.


With the style concept decided, the fun began. Gemma and Lucy began virtually filling the space through Homewings’ online collaboration platform. Gemma sourced every element of the space, from furnishings to accessories. “Gemma was great at taking my feedback on board, always giving several options to make sure she got it just right”. By simply ‘liking’ or ‘unliking’ items on her board, Lucy was able to emphasise all the things she loved, and discard the things she wasn’t so sure about. This process allowed Gemma to adapt the design accordingly, creating a space that was 100% tailored to her needs.


With the design details completed, it was time for the final design. By way of a digital visualisation, Lucy was able to see Gemma’s design in action, without lifting a finger. “When I received the visualisation of the living room, I couldn’t believe it! I was able to see where every piece would go, and how it would come together” she says. “For example, we had gone back and forth on whether I should keep my current sofa, or treat myself to a gorgeous blue corner sofa Gemma had found. I had completely made up my mind until I saw it in the space and though ‘definitely not’. In a way, the visualisation saved me £500!”.


Once the final design was set, Homewings’ complimentary personal shopping service took charge, crafting a personalised shopping list with every item in her visualisation, down to the smallest detail. All Lucy had left to do was flick through the items, and select her favourite. “The shopping list was actually one of the best parts. I selected all the items I wanted to order, and Homewings took care of everything else. They even made sure every item was delivered at a time that was convenient for me”.  The final result is not just a space that feels like the home Lucy had always wanted, it is a space that her guests can feel comfortable and happy in.




It’s safe to say that Homewings has turned the traditional design process on its head. As for Lucy’s thoughts on her new space –  let’s just say, both she and her wallet are very happy. 


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