Speed Up Your Spring Clean With Top Tips From Buydirect4u.co.uk

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Speed Up Your Spring Clean With Top Tips From Buydirect4u.co.uk

Do you want a quicker, easier and more effective way to make your house sparkle from inside to out? Make lighter work of your annual spring clean with BuyDirect4U.co.uk. Having compiled its top 10 tips for spring clean success, the home and garden specialist has all the advice and tools you need to ditch the dust and say goodbye to bacteria.


You need never ignore those hard to reach places again thanks to the English Heritage radiator brush from Bentley. If you are guilty of neglecting difficult cleaning areas than this handy brush is a must. Specifically designed to dust behind radiators and other small spaces, this brush features a long, flexible wire, small brush head and wooden handle. Measures 76cm. Priced at £7.99. 


Don’t let germs fester. Damp mops can harbour bacteria and unpleasant smells. Instead of propping them up in the corner of the utility room, rinse them with clean water and hang up to dry. This plastic mop and broom holder will allow mops to dry out properly and stop broom bristles from losing their shape, while keeping cleaning items neat and tidy. Measures 44cm wide. Priced at £8.99.


Wooden floors may look chic, but they sure like to show up dust. Keep floors clean and dust free with the Bentley Green and Clean Microfibre Flat Mop. Microfibre fingers effectively trap up to eight times more dust and dirt compared to standard cloths by reaching into the smallest of crevices, while the washable microfiber pad prolongs longevity. There is no need to worry about germs and bacteria, as Microban technology is built into the fibres to inhibit growth and kill up to 99.9% of bacteria. The affordable and easy way to keep floors clean. Priced at £11.90.


Want to know the secret to sparkling, streak free windows? Shun suds and simply add two tablespoons of vinegar to a bucket of warm water. For easy window cleaning without a ladder, invest in the Bentley Window Cleaning Set. This two-in-one set features a squeegee and cleaning pad with a telescopic handle, which extends to 3.4m, and an angled joint for those hard to reach areas. Priced at £14.99.


Invest in natural, hard wearing products for durability. This English Heritage cleaning caddy set from Bentley will brighten up the dullest of domestic chores while keeping your house spick and span. Features an ostrich feather duster, which is a natural alternative to a static cloth as the down feathers attract and pick up the smallest dust particles, a scrubbing brush with stiff durable bristles and a traditional pot scrubber, which are durable and quick cover large areas. Elegant in both design and style, this set has a tool for every job and a handy carry tray in duck egg blue. Priced at £17.99.


Want an easier way to carry cleaning products around your home? This English Heritage housekeepers’ box from Bentley offers a handy way to store and organise cleaning products and tools, while also being stylish, so you can move quickly and easily from room to room with all of the kit you need. Measures H23cm x W35cm x D24.5cm. Priced at £19.99.


The humble pot sponge and scourer is a useful tool for a multitude of cleaning jobs and, when teamed with a splash of water and bicarbonate of soda, can tackle almost any job affordably and effectively. With its abrasive and deodorising properties, bicarbonate of soda easily takes on grease and stains, from removing coffee mug stains to wiping crayon off walls, cleaning oven grease to giving your kitchen and bathroom a sparkling finish. Sponges can also be soaked in bicarbonate of soda after use to add freshness and eliminate smells. Add a pack of 12 to your cleaning supplies for just £8. 


Fed up of finding pet hair all over the house? Grab a Bentley Rubber Broom. The integrated squeegee is an effective tool for gathering up cat or dog hair from carpets or furniture, while the soft bristles also make it a useful tool for sweeping up dirt on hardwood and laminate flooring. With a broom handle that extends to 130cm, there will be no need to bend down. Priced at £9.99. 


With this two broom English Heritage set, Bentley offers a sweeping solution for inside and outside the home. The soft coco fibre broom has been specifically designed for sweeping up fine debris within the home and is ideal for tiled or hardwood floors, while the durability of the stiff natural bassine broom makes it perfect for sweeping up larger debris outside. Made with FSC approved wood and natural bristles for longevity, they are a great investment for £15.99.


This collection of products is designed and manufactured by Charles Bentley & Son, which has over 155 years of specialist industry and product experience. 

For more details on available products please visit www.buydirect4u.co.uk


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