Top tips for dazzingly fresh laundry from Hoover’s Steve Macdonald


As one of the UK’s leading domestic appliance manufacturers, Hoover’s Steve Macdonald looks at what B&B owners should consider when selecting a new washing machine and provides some top tips for dazzlingly fresh laundry every time.

 When it comes to laundry appliances, in most cases, bigger is indeed better. Generally, the larger the drum, the better the wash performance as the laundry has more space to move around which helps maximise cleaning results. Even if you don’t have sufficient laundry to completely fill one of the larger capacity models, you don’t have to worry about wasting energy and water because the latest models only use the correct amount of water and electricity required for the wash – whatever the load size.

The latest generation of washing machines, like the Hoover Wizard 13kg DWT L413AIW3 Wi-Fi model with All In One Wash technology, can clean an entire full load of mixed fabrics of whites and colours without the risk of colours running, in just 59 minutes.

To help avoid common laundry mistakes, save you precious time and ensure you achieve the best laundry results for you and your guests every time, we’ve developed a list of eight valuable laundry tips.

1. Read the label to avoid shrinking clothes

It might seem obvious when washing and drying clothes, particularly for the first time, it is important to check the care label. If in doubt, err on the side of ‘cold’ since it is heat that causes fabrics to shrink.

Love Your Clothes, a charity that aims to reduce the environmental impact of clothes, has a useful care label chart which helps you understand why the symbols mean.

2.  Avoid creases with lavender oil

Lavender oil is a fibre relaxant and helps prevent material from bunching. After a wash spray your laundry with a lavender oil and water solution to keep creases to a minimum.

This trick works particularly well with bedding and the sweet scent also helps for a restful night’s sleep for your guests!3

3.  Fasten all zips to protect them from damage

Ever found the zip on your jacket getting stuck? This could be caused by damage to the zip chain during the wash. Whether the zip is on clothes or cushion covers, it should always be fastened to protect the links from damage. Turning items with zips inside out before putting them in the wash can also help limit any damage.

4. Teaspoon of salt for the first wash

Bought a bright red or navy blue item recently? Throw a teaspoon of salt in with the first wash to prevent colour run.

5. Lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda for tough stains

Add lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda to a stain and leave the item of clothing to sit for an hour before adding to a regular wash load; the chemical reaction helps lift the stain.

However, each stain is different and certain smears may require different solutions. Interestingly the University of Illinois claims to have a chemical solution for every type of stain, from coffee to tree sap, which is listed on its in-depth website.

6. Vinegar to keep your towels soft and fluffy

As your towels age their performance decreases. Help keep them fluffy by running your towel collection through a wash twice, first with two cups of white vinegar and then as normal.

7. Don’t leave washing in the drum

t is best to remove clothes from the washing machine as soon after the cycle has finished as possible, otherwise mould can form if left for any length of time. This can add up over the lifetime of the machine if washing is regularly left in. By removing laundry shortly after the cycle, you preserve the condition of the washing machine and ensure your laundry smells pleasant and fresh.

8. Clean your washing machine

Ever noticed your dishwasher looking a tad dirty? The same build-up can happen in the washing machine. When doing the spring cleaning it is worth giving your washing machine a clean too. Follow these steps for an odourless machine and fresh-smelling laundry:

– Select the hot water setting

– Select the extra rinse option

– Add 3/4 cup of white vinegar to the dispenser

– Allow cycle to run completely

Alternatively, your washing machine manufacturer may have a care and protect kit available to keep your appliance as good as new.

For information about Hoover’s laundry appliances, please visit or @Hoover_UK on Twitter.

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