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I am passionate about giving my guests the best possible experience at breakfast. We specialise in catering for allergies and lifestyle diets and we want our guests to feel safe in the knowledge that their breakfast is not only delicious, but is prepared in a kitchen that is geared around their dietary requirements. My entire life is dedicated to catering for allergies.

I have won a number of awards for this and am a judge for allergy awards. I have recently started a catering consultancy business specialising in advising other caterers on expanding their offerings to those with allergies.

My menus are designed from the bottom up, so ingredients can easily be substituted or omitted, which makes it easier than removing something that is a vital part of the dish as a whole… it is all a matter of thinking the other way round!
Our food is exciting, tasty and healthy… and hopefully just a little bit special.
Not only do we have an extensive menu but we have a specials board, with seasonal dishes, and so any guests with more unusual requirements can have a “special” designed for them.


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  1. Need to lead with the, what might be considered as, ‘niche’ options
    Some people might show up saying “Where’s my bacon & sausages?” and haven’t realised they booked a vegetarian/vegan b&b, so it needs to be clearer

  2. Best Breakfast:
    The only downside, is that I’m a meat eater and I can’t see any meat options on the menu. I totally appreciate that may be their business ethos, but maybe they shouldn’t completely exclude meat?
    But I appreciate that they’ve themed their b&b around that. Maybe make it clearer?

  3. Only thing concerning me is that you have to read a long way down to establish what there is for breakfast
    It would be great if they said at the top that they are specialising in vegan, vegetarian, gluten free etc.
    Someone could show up asking for bacon, so make it clear

  4. I think that’s a good thing that they have no meat. I guess it depends on their belief system. They should stick to their beliefs and personality and run their business accordingly. It’s great their beliefs are flowing through their business
    They need to tell the story of why they serve these options and appeal to the vegans and vegetarians online
    They need to lead with the vegetarian/vegan aspect

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