LBnB EBook

Starting a Holiday Rental Business: Chapter 4B

Welcome to Chapter 4B of our new ebook series on how to set up your own holiday rental. This chapter will introduce you to setting jobs and responsibilities, staffing and emergency planning. This chapter will explain how to assign jobs and responsibilities to your staff, general information on staffing, as well as how you should plan for emergencies. […]

highland lassie cruises floating b&b
August 2021

What do you need for a boat B&B?

Looking at setting up a Bed & Breakfast that’s a little different? Take some inspiration from a well-known floating B&B close to Inverness – with Highland Lassie If you want to set up a more […]

March 2021

Why don’t B&Bs niche?

Industry expert Yvonne Halling considers how niching can help your hospitality business. One of the ways in which you can stand out from the crowd, attract the guests YOU want to welcome and literally make […]