bed and breakfast academy toilet paper origami
August 2021

Toilet paper origami

I’m staying on the toilet theme this week. I appreciate it’s not considered polite conversation but, like it or not, toilets do feature quite heavily in a B&B owner’s life. On a holiday to the […]

bed and breakfast academy plumbing
August 2021

Marry a plumber

My imaginary book – which I’m never going to write by the way – has the subtitle “Want to run a B&B? Marry a plumber!” Disclaimer: I’m not married to a plumber! – single plumbers […]

dipsan hygienic toilet brush
August 2021

Product News: Dip-San hygienic toilet brush

The Dip-San® patented Self Cleaning Brush System has been developed to provide a totally hygienic alternative to the traditional germ-ridden toilet brush. Our product platform has been designed for both ‘at home’ and a diverse […]