teapigs reveals their new decaf tea!

teapigs reveals their new decaf tea!

teapigs release decaf tea

It’s been a long time coming but teapigs are thrilled to finally unveil their first ever decaf tea. This new launch is an exciting trade up for stockists and customers from a trusted brand, particularly amongst those who are looking for better caffeine free teas to enjoy throughout the day – especially before bed!

“The decaffeination process can be quite harsh which often leaves you with a sad, tasteless tea,” says Louise Cheadle, teapigs co-founder and tea taster.

“Our decaf uses the C02 method which is a lot gentler on the leaves and gives you a stronger, better tasting brew but without the caffeine. We know some of our stockists still serve bog standard decaf in a paper teabag in their rooms next to our premium teas and herbals. Now people can complete their tea offering with a delicious decaf that has all the taste but none of the caffeine“

Visit: teapigs.co.uk

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