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Unistay -Who are we?

Born in early 2015, Unistay focused on giving, visiting friends of students the choice to stay at B&B’s, this then progressed to working with the University to help market this idea, through their various marketing channels. The target market then grew to parents, PhD students and university employees. This a rough, sped up, outline of how the idea came to be. 

We are an online company designed at promoting Bed & Breakfasts such as yours to a market that many large companies don’t have access to. Students, students’ relatives (e.g. parents), PhD students and employees working for the University. On average 50,000 people, be it, students and parents attend university open days, many will need a place to stay for two nights at least. When there aren’t open days many students will want to visit friends within a different university city that city could be yours and the place, they stay would also be yours. 


Why use Unistay?

Only you as an owner can answer that question, but here a few reasons why people have chosen us. Our vison at UNiSTAY has a social mission in mind by re-attracting guests to the B&B, many guests opt for hotels where they can spend a few nights in a nice but bland environment. Staying at a Bed & Breakfast you can experience a comforting and homely feel which a hotel couldn’t give you, as a guest you can meet some wonderful owners such as yourselves and even learn about where they’re visiting. A Bed & Breakfast is the personal touch in accommodation. 

Unistay is about giving the potential guest a choice of what type of accommodation to choose not the choice between which hotel. Many large OTA’s (Online Travel Agencies) are fantastic to use but they have always seemed to neglect the Bed & Breakfast type of accommodation, picture a website that only promotes Bed & Breakfasts – no competition towards hotels or hostels, a website that only focused on promoting your Bed & Breakfast a whole page on your Bed & Breakfast with no advert clutter just your Bed & Breakfast and the guest, the way it should be. That’s how we view UNiSTAY. 

For you as an Owner, we want to help show what your Bed & Breakfast has to offer, whether it’s your location, friendly hospitality or impeccable scenery, UNiSTAY wants people to see it. With the ability to work with universities close to you we can be closer to your customers. No one knows more about your Bed and Breakfast than you, we would like to share that knowledge with our collective customers and provide a real alternative hotel.

  • Both a close and a direct link with customers 
  • Great local links with the University near you
  • A high level of ongoing support if needed
  • Access to a continuous flow of potential customers


Where we are now?

With just over 500 Bed and Breakfasts registered with us here at UNiSTAY, the best way we can help you as a Bed and Breakfast attract from this unexplored market of university cities our website will be live from 10th February. We are currently registering interest from Bed and Breakfasts such as yourselves on our current site to be contacted once we go live. It is an exciting time for both us here at UNiSTAY and for Bed and Breakfasts in general as technology has allowed you to advertise and secure bookings that once weren’t possible, however with our access an even greater opportunity is now available, take advantage of it.


To register your interest or to see how UNiSTAY works visit, 


For any questions, queries or to find out more please do not hesitate to contact us on…

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