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Company Profile – The Booking Factory


Founder, Evan Davies,  created the Booking Factory to take innovative ideas from the high end hotels and resorts and  provide to the smaller hotels and B&B’s – they take care of the technical side of things whilst you can concentrate on your guests, who after all are your main priority!   


Could you tell us about the inspiration behind the creation of The Booking Factory?


Getting direct bookings was always a concern when I was a hotel manager. Fewer people were calling every year and more bookings were coming from the online travel agencies.


I needed an easy way to create a nice website without paying thousands to a web design company, a booking engine that looks great and is flexible enough to offer the best rates, and an elegant property management system that was easy-to-use, but powerful.


I mission is to fix all these problems for independent hotels and B&Bs with a streamlined, all-in-one solution.


What are some of the problems hoteliers are talking to you about?


It’s funny you ask because it’s always different! Most properties come to us without a PMS and are still using pen and paper systems. They’re having a hard time, because today nearly 70% of all bookings come from OTAs, and hardly any through their own website.


Some properties want to automate processes and take payments easily online, while others want email automation. But they all agree ease of use is increasingly important as they have to use the software every day and train new members of staff.


How can your business help our readers make more revenue?


Increasing revenue is always a number one priority! For properties without a channel manager, they face major challenges syncing live inventory between all channels. We help hoteliers save time and get in front of more customers by helping them take command of multiple channels to maximise their revenue potential. 


Our platform also helps boost direct bookings through an attractive website that’s simple to use and a smart booking engine to reduce those commission bills.


What would you say is your edge over your competitors?


We offer hoteliers so much more than anything on the market. It’s not just a solution to manage your bookings, it’s a way to create a fresh and modern website that works harder for your customers and a powerful tool to automate your marketing efforts. This all-in-one solution saves you precious time to focus on your business and attract more customers directly with one transparent price tag. 


How does your pricing strategy work?


We charge a low monthly fee of £50 per month and 3% of all bookings generated through the booking engine. We feel this blended model is the perfect mix for a win-win scenario. You get a generous package at low cost and we work hard to build you an outstanding website and booking engine to boost your direct bookings.


To find out more take a look at their website:


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